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There are many places for tangerine peels, but only authentic Xinhui tangerine peels that are used in the central production area are the best. What is the core? Is to keep its fragrance! What is its fragrance? It is the type of its volatile oil content! I didn’t understand this sentence at first, but with the development and in-depth research of Xinhui tangerine peel and Xinhui orange tea, I understood the meaning of this sentence, and it has always been the core of Xinhui tangerine peel – “Xinhui tangerine peel gets better with age!”Xinhui tangerine peel (can be divided into orange red (exocarp) and orange peel according to the physiological structure) peel).

Xinhui tangerine peel is characterized by many types of volatile oils, more than 24 types have been found. The sugar content is high, the red skin is more than 4%, and if it is fully mature, it will be higher.

With the aging time, the three active substances (volatile oil, polysaccharides, flavonoids) all have dynamic changes:

First, the components of small-molecule volatile oils will decrease, and the components of macro-molecule volatile oils will be relatively increased, so the air is more elegant and the taste is more mellow.

Secondly, due to the glycolytic transformation, there is an obvious acidification process in the first five years, especially the three-year aging period, and it may be converted to ester in the future, so the aroma is more refined and the quality is more mellow .

Third, there is a relative increase in flavonoids, which proves that there is scientific basis for the saying that “the old man is good”.

There are more than 2 volatile oils in Xinhui Chenpi There are about 10 varieties of dried tangerine peel; The content of γ-terpinene (up to 2 times that of other tangerine peels) and polymethoxyflavones (mainly Chuan tangerine peels and tangerine peels) was significantly higher. Moreover, the unique methyl 2-methylaminobenzoate component has become the iconic substance of Chenhui tangerine peel.

Xinhui tangerine peel is also rich in flavonoids. There are two types of flavonoids:< /p>

Class It is flavonoid glycosides, mainly dihydroflavonoids, such as hesperidin, naringin and so on. One is polymethoxyflavonoids, mainly including tangerine peelin, orange peelin and so on.

Studies show that Xinhui tangerine peel contains three major active substances, volatile oils, polysaccharides and flavonoids, showing the characteristics of many types and contents of volatile oils, high sugar content and unique flavonoids. Therefore, sweet, slightly acrid and slightly bitter are distinctive features in the sensory.

The longer it is stored, the better it will be

Relieving cough and reducing phlegm:People often use tangerine peel to soak in water. This health-preserving method has obvious effect on relieving cough and reducing phlegm, because tangerine peel also has very good yao properties. Value, can better nourish the body, help people bring more nutrients, and the effect of reducing phlegm is better, especially if some male friends often smoke, it will lead to the accumulation of a lot of toxins and garbage in the lungs, often using tangerine peel to Drinking in water can improve physical fitness, promote the body’s ability to detoxify and metabolize, expel toxins, and the effect of relieving cough and phlegm will also be significantly improved. relatively good.

strong>When the seasons change, people often cannot adapt to the changes in the weather, and they feel gastrointestinal discomfort. In the spring, they should also do a good job of nourishing the stomach. If you often use tangerine peel to soak in water, it can help the body absorb More nutrition, promote gastrointestinal motility and digestion, improve stomach pain and diarrhea, relieve physical discomfort, and stomach pain will also be well improved. Long-term use of yao will cause certain damage to the stomach. Dermis is a kind of health preservation. The method is not only nutritious but also has no side effects. It can reduce the irritation to the stomach and nourish the stomach, gradually improve the gastric motility, and the stomach may get better and better.

God’s choice >

Remove dampness and beauty:Everyone wants to have a beautiful appearance and takes care of themselves in various ways If people often use tangerine peel to soak in water to drink, it can remove the moisture and cold in the body, and have the effect of beauty and beauty, because the special nutrients in tangerine peel can be absorbed by people when soaked in water, and accelerate the body’s The ability to detoxify metabolism and expel toxins can also help the body absorb more vitamins, promote the metabolism of cells in the body, improve the body’s immunity, and the skin will become smoother and more delicate, and the effect of removing dampness and beauty is relatively good.

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