Why Raw Food Can Lose Weight – Part 1

The pursuit of beauty cannot only be done on the surface, but inner health can maintain eternal beauty. We are always looking for foods that make us healthier and more beautiful, the body and the skin are honest, healthy food makes the body strong and the skin rejuvenated. “For women here looking for beauty and slimming, the problem we have is that guests walk out of our salon or gym and can’t resist the yummy but high fat, sugar and calorie food in life. Bad eating habits ruin it Therefore, the ideal beauty and slimming effect cannot be achieved.”

Skin problems are also closely related to eating habits. Modern people’s nutritional imbalance, stress, insomnia and other phenomena directly lead to skin aging, dryness, lack of elasticity, dullness, lack of luster, and acne. Faced with the above problems, Many beauty and gym workers feel helpless. Skin care products and sports can play an auxiliary role, but in order to achieve the desired effect from the root, correct living habits, especially eating habits, are crucial.

Why organic raw food can help with weight loss? Because organic raw food is rich in digestive enzymes and vitamins, which can help digest and break down fat, organic raw food does not contain toxins, and allows the liver to go all out to burn and remove fat. Raw food is bulky and can be restricted. For the same food, the volume of raw food is generally several times larger than that of cooked food. For example, a large plate of raw green leafy vegetables is less than half a plate after cooking.

Modern people eat a high-calorie diet, but they do not like to exercise in life , the pursuit of comfort and enjoyment, so that a lot of calories can not go out, turned into a fat belt slipping in various parts of the body. Studies have shown that 7.7kcal calories can be converted into 1 kilogram of fat. So, since the principle of human obesity is so simple, shouldn’t the principle of losing weight also be simple? The answer is yes. For yoga practitioners, as long as they can eat less, exercise more, and accept less mental stress, they can naturally burn the fat stored in the body and achieve the goal of losing weight. So how do you eat less, what to eat, and do you need restraint?