Why is Pu-erh tea effective against the new coronavirus? Reasons why it doesn’t work

I remember that in 2019, the new coronavirus epidemic ravaged Wuhan. At that time, because there were no emergency measures, there were still many rumors, and people could not tell the truth. I got the data, but it was still deleted. I don’t know if everyone thinks it’s a marketing account, or do they think I’m selling tea? Or is it something else? Renyi Pu’er Tea has been transformed since 2017, and has been committed to various solutions for Pu’er tea, from the quality of tea raw materials, customization, teaching, traditional implementation, and traditional Chinese medicine judgment. Features, what taste, is the pattern of your tea drinking so much?

Speaking of Pu-erh tea, why is it effective against the new coronavirus? The reason here is inheritance. Since the ancient “Tea Classic”, Lu Yu has not been afraid of the epidemic, and he can come and go freely during the epidemic. This is inseparable from his technology. What technology do you ask me? Lu Yu’s technology, which I have determined to be effective at present, is the technology of identifying the quality of food. After extending from this technology, we can know which foods are poisonous and which are non-toxic without contact, and, Lu Yu’s non-contact technology is different from our common sense to identify the safety of ingredients. Ordinary people think that mushrooms are edible in their minds, but Lu Yu doesn’t think so, so in the “Tea Classic”, there is, “Tea It’s tired, just like ginseng…it’s ineffective for medicine.” The text explains that ordinary people use their eyes to see the shape, and Lu Yu’s technique of recognizing food is similar to the technique of recognizing medicinal properties.

So how to identify medicinal properties? Many people think that the technology of identifying medicinal properties is an ancient and outdated technology, such as taste and so on. Then in turn, ask, which is effective between Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine during the epidemic in Shanghai? What do you think will happen if you start using traditional Chinese medicine? Of course, there is no way to achieve persistent dynamic zeroing, why? Because food provides us with lasting energy, food is a component of science, and it is also a medicinal property of traditional Chinese medicine. If food does not meet this condition, that is, people can at least eat the functions that meet the instructions, then in the long run, we will still It is easy to get sick. At present, the Omicron variant, Ba.2 has landed in Jiangsu, Hohhot, Ba.5 and Ba.6 make people recover Yang, if we eat food for a long time, there is no effect of maintaining immunity, and we cannot let the body If the function recovers, then such food has no medicinal effect. Food without medicinal effect is often of poor quality. Can the ingredients of poor food be effective? If there is no effect, are we worried that these ingredients will help the evil? There is only one answer, to look at it dialectically with the method of review, right?

Since we look at it dialectically, we must have data. The data shows the quality of food and medicine, but the current data, Can not guarantee. To ensure the quality and effect of food and medicine, it is necessary to have Lu Yu’s technology to complete it. It is not enough to rely on science and technology. No matter how advanced the technology is, it is difficult to guarantee the quality. Why? Have we discovered that the immunity of each of us is plummeting? Is your older generation physically fit like this?

So, why can Pu-erh tea prevent the new coronavirus? The reason why it can be prevented is due to the relationship between the tea itself and the relationship between people. As tea itself, people are used for research, but if it is scientific research, it is difficult for us to grasp the true function of tea, because we only discovered the ingredients of tea with instruments, and there are more ingredients that science and technology have not discovered and explained. ,Right? Or the same ingredients of tea, science and technology have not found more functions, right?

For example, in 2005, foreign websites discovered that tea can inhibit the early coronavirus, that is, the SARS virus. Activity, that is to say, tea has a certain medicinal properties, then if you master the new coronavirus itself in the later stage, then the method of preventing the new coronavirus will be solved, right? But the truth is, no, the science has exposed big flaws. If it is a man-made relationship, like Chinese medicine, as long as we understand the laws of nature, we will know the tea itself, and then master the new coronavirus itself. We don’t need to learn science to master the ingredients or use scientifically accurate ingredients to prevent it. Targeted use of food, drugs to prevent the new crown virus, right?

So, why can’t Pu’er tea prevent the new coronavirus? The reason here is that the quality of Pu’er tea is poor, which leads to a higher probability of it being ineffective. The description of , that is, “ineffective for medicine”. I remember that a few years ago, Guangdong was also popular for a period of time with the new crown virus epidemic, and Guangdong has always had the habit of drinking morning tea. This case also confirmed that the quality of tea is the prevention of new crown virus. Isn’t it the best way?

So can we find Pu-erh tea that can prevent the new coronavirus through science and technology? Random, because scientific testing equipment cannot “non-destructively” identify the quality of each piece of tea, so do you think scientific standards can prevent the new coronavirus?

As for how to find Pu-erh tea that can prevent the new coronavirus? We need to use the standard of the ancients, that is, Lu Yu’s technology, that is, “no contact” technology to find the right quality. “Non-destructive” identification technology to identify the quality of tea, so as to find out the effective tea, this is the fastest method.

Is Lu Yu’s technique effective? On April 14th, I went to the most dangerous place, that is, the hospital, to help people dispense medicines. So far, they have been negative for 5 days. In addition, using Lu Yu’s technology, the quality can be identified. If you follow the picture theory below, everyone will learn Now that the quality can be recognized, do you think the goal of “dynamic clearing” will be far away?