Why is Beijing squeezed out of the top three in the “National Examination” ranking of tertiary public hospitals?

There is no eternal champion, only constant surpassing and being surpassed.

my country’s public hospital performance “National Examination” has reached its third year. Beijing, which ranked first in the country’s tertiary public hospital performance evaluation provincial rankings in the first two years, slipped to fifth in the third year. And Fujian is on the rise, ranking higher than Beijing.

Continuously improving the control indicators, eliminating blind spots and opening up blocking points, is the establishment of the “National Examination” the original intention. The three-year “National Examination” has had a profound impact on the development and operation of public hospitals.

Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, public hospitals should do a good job in daily diagnosis and treatment, but also Do a good job in responding to the epidemic, and prevent the occurrence of hospital infection incidents, walking on thin ice.

During this process, the number of outpatients and surgeries in many tertiary hospitals with distinctive specialties dropped sharply, which made the Many hospitals lost points in the “National Examination”.

Ranking is not the purpose, and through the assessment, the hospital will be more sustainable High-quality development is the core.XiamenDirector of the Quality Management Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Xiamen University, China Hospital Association Hospital Review and Evaluation Committee member Zhuang Liangjinexpressed to the health community.

How to maintain the original intention and realize the high-quality and sustainable development of public hospitals has become a problem that hospital managers need to focus on.