Why is allergic rhinitis so annoying?

Spring is here, the temperature is getting warmer, everything is recovering, and many people are enjoying the vitality of nature.

And some people are tortured by rhinitis in such an environment and want to cut off their nose…

Patients with allergic rhinitis, especially those with allergic rhinitis, can’t help sneezing and runny nose every day. In addition to not sleeping well at night, it also affects interpersonal communication and personal image during the day.

In fact, rhinitis is a very common disease. Take allergic rhinitis as an example. The overall prevalence rate in China is as high as 11.1%, and more than 100 million Chinese people are suffering /strong>.

Why is allergic rhinitis with cold-like symptoms so tormenting?

Image source: Zhanku Hailuo

Allergens are everywhere

The immune system of people with allergic rhinitis reacts abnormally to allergens.

Immune cells that accumulate in the nasal mucosa release mediators, resulting in increased vascular permeability or glandular secretion in the nasal mucosa, resulting in a series of symptoms.

Especially in the spring season, allergens can be found in many corners of life, and the most common allergens are pollen, dust mites, Mold, animal dander, etc..

This means that people with allergic rhinitis may experience itchy nose, sneezing, runny nose, etc. due to allergens anytime, anywhere.

Excessive illness, double the pain

The symptoms of most allergic rhinitis patients tend to be lifelong, and more than 50% suffer from rhinitis for at least three months of the year. In the long-term repeated symptoms of rhinitis, the pain is more severe than a short-term cold.

In fact, in addition to allergic rhinitis, there are other types of rhinitis that afflict more people, such as drug-induced rhinitis and vasomotor rhinitis.

In order to help everyone understand rhinitis correctly and learn more ways to prevent rhinitis, Dr. Lilac invited Tong Peng, Deputy Chief Physician of Pediatrics, Ezhou Central Hospital, Hubei Province, to come Talk about “allergic rhinitis”.

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