Why does liver cancer or cirrhosis have ascites? How to diagnose? Is liver disease with ascites at an advanced stage?

Is it a coincidence or inevitable that I have been diagnosed with diabetes after 20 years of diabetes? Uncle Li is 57 years old this year. He has been suffering from diabetes for more than 20 years. Last month, he went to the hospital for examination because of low back pain and hematuria. It was found that PSA was significantly elevated, so he had a prostate puncture. Diagnosed with prostate cancer. Uncle Li couldn’t understand how he got cancer. He pondered all day long and thought about his diabetes. He always thought that cancer and diabetes were related. Is it a coincidence that diabetes came across cancer?

I. Research: Diabetes may increase the risk of various cancers

Shanghai Transportation Using information from a Shanghai-related database, researchers from the University School of Medicine conducted a study on the association between type 2 diabetes and cancer risk. The researchers selected a total of more than 410,000 subjects with type 2 diabetes who had no history of cancer during the 12-year period from July 2013 to 2016. The researchers then followed up the subjects until December 2017, and a total of 8,485 subjects were newly diagnosed with cancer.

This study shows that compared with normal people:

1. Men with type 2 diabetes have a 34% increased risk of cancer, The highest risk was for prostate cancer, which increased by 86 percent. Overall, diabetes increases the risk of as many as 11 cancers in men.

2. Women with type 2 diabetes had a 62% increased risk of cancer, with the highest risk being nasopharyngeal cancer, which more than doubled. Overall, diabetes increases the risk of up to 13 types of cancer in women.

Recently, the Daqing study also found that diabetes and cancer are closely related. more obvious in patients.

Why does diabetes become an “accomplice” in the occurrence of so many types of cancer? The reason is mainly related to two points.

Second, why is diabetes the “culprit” of cancer?

Du Shiyu, a member of the Chinese Preventive Medicine Association Diabetes Prevention and Control Professional Committee, said that diabetes increases the risk of cancer from multiple mechanisms, two of which are Very typical.

1. Effects of hyperglycemia

Long-term hyperglycemia will bring chronic stimulation to normal organs in the body, and will also affect To the body’s energy metabolism, it will damage the DNA from the microscopic level, which will greatly promote the canceration of normal cells.

2. Hyperinsulinemia

Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) is a kind of multifunctional cell proliferation regulator, which plays an important role in cell differentiation, proliferation and human growth and development. have an important role in promoting. The abnormal increase of insulin level will inhibit the synthesis of insulin-like growth factor-binding protein, resulting in the decrease of insulin-like growth factor in the body. Its biological activity will therefore increase, and then play a role in promoting tumor growth.

In addition, abnormal elevation of insulin level and insulin-like growth factor can promote the production of vascular endothelial growth factor, thereby promoting tumor angiogenesis and increasing tumor blood supply. , so that the tumor can “thriving” in the body. It is worth emphasizing that diabetes is a risk factor for cancer, but it is not the only one. There are 129 million diabetic patients in our country, not everyone gets cancer, but there are also many cancer patients Blood sugar is normal. The introduction of this study is just to remind everyone to do a good job in blood sugar management, especially for diabetic patients.

Patients suffering from diabetes should pay more attention to their physical performance in daily life. When these four abnormal symptoms appear, vigilance is a signal sent by the continued deterioration of the disease.

Three, if these symptoms appear in the body, be alert to whether the condition is worsening 1. Blood sugar remains high

After taking medication and changing living habits, blood sugar If the target is still not met, it is likely to be alert to the deterioration of the condition and need to adjust the treatment plan in time.

2. Frequent infections

Diabetes can damage a patient’s immune system and significantly increase the risk of daily infections. If you find that the number of body infections increases in a short period of time, and it takes a long time to recover, you must be vigilant. The more common ones are urinary tract infections and yeast infections.

3. Tingling and numbness in hands and feet

Long-term poor control of blood sugar will lead to nerves throughout the body being affected, especially in the hands and feet Obvious symptoms will appear. Some patients will experience numbness and irritation in the limbs, and some patients will have symptoms of neuralgia, which can occur anywhere on the body.

4. Three more and one less symptoms are aggravated

The most typical symptom of diabetes is Increased food intake, urine output, water intake, and weight loss, these symptoms will gradually stabilize after blood sugar control is stabilized. If these symptoms are found to appear persistently in the near future, and there is a trend of more and more seriousness, we must be alert to the ketoacidosis and diabetes insipidus caused by the deterioration of the disease.

The current medical level cannot cure diabetes, and most patients need lifelong medication to control blood sugar. The incidence of diabetes in my country is increasing year by year, and there is even a trend of getting younger and younger. For young people, diabetes must be diagnosed as soon as possible.Prevention work.

Fourth, half of adults are moving towards diabetes, take precautions

According to the statistics of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, 50.1% of adults have We are in pre-diabetes, with more than 16,000 new diabetic patients every day, and the affected population is getting younger and younger. Whether it is from the perspective of cancer prevention or disease control, it is very important to do these five things well if you want to prevent the occurrence of diabetes. 1. Keep your mouth shut

The three meals a day in life should be eaten regularly and quantitatively, especially breakfast must not be omitted, and attention should be paid to the choice of food > Eat more whole grains, less staple foods, more soy products, and more fruits and vegetables. At the same time, we should also pay attention to reducing the intake of sweet drinks. It is recommended to drink water as the main daily drink. You can also drink some green tea properly, which is very good for preventing the occurrence of diabetes.

2. Open your legs

Excess weight will greatly increase the risk of diabetes. Exercise at least 30 minutes a day every day to help maintain a healthy weight and promote insulin sensitivity.

3. Control weight

You can pay attention to your waist-to-hip ratio every day. This value is an important indicator for predicting obesity. The smaller the ratio, the better healthy. Under normal circumstances, Waist-hip ratio for women should be kept at <0.85 and for men <0.9, and weight loss should be timely when it exceeds this value.

4. Quit smoking

Smoking less than 20 cigarettes per day can lead to a 88% increased risk of diabetes, and also It increases the risk of developing other diseases. For the sake of your health, you should quit smoking as soon as possible!

5. Control emotions

Emotions will affect the endocrine system and nervous system of the human body. Being in a bad mood can easily lead to qi stagnation. Diabetes itself is a metabolic disease caused by disorders of the endocrine system. Bad emotions can promote metabolic problems and easily induce diabetes. Diabetes is a common disease, but it poses a great threat to health. Preventing it is actually not difficult, just make changes from some details in life. After reading the article, are you ready for a change?


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