Why does he eat carcinogens every day, but he doesn’t get cancer?

Many people don’t take the idea that diet can cause cancer at all, and immediately throw out irrefutable counter-examples.

“I don’t believe which foods can cause cancer. My friends around me smoke for a long time, don’t they live well?

“Some people eat vegetables every day Fruit, don’t you have cancer too?

Let’s analyze it today , Why do some people eat carcinogens every day without getting cancer? The editor will help you solve your doubts.


It is safe to eat carcinogens every day cancer?

maybe not eating enough span>

< p>Carcinogens can be divided into three types: chemical carcinogens, physical carcinogens, and biological carcinogens. These are also collectively referred to as environmental factors.

Many people have heard this sentence pattern:“××can’t eat , eating too much is easy to cause cancer.” There are many “carcinogens” that can be included in this sentence.

For example, don’t eat more dishes overnight, because there are nitrites in them, which cause cancer;


For another example, moldy food cannot be eaten because it contains aflatoxin, which is carcinogenic;< /span>

These are true, but not entirely true.

Nutritionists have long emphasized that it is unreliable to talk about cancer without the dose.

No matter what substance it is, it needs to be ingested in a certain amount to have an effect or effect. It is the so-called “dosage determines the toxicity of harmful substances”.

Secondly, neither for carcinogens span>The absolute safe dose. The species will also have an impact on the “carcinogenicity”, and some carcinogens can also induce cancerous changes when a small amount of them is ingested.

The World Health Organization (WHO) once classified carcinogens. You may think that the first-level carcinogens will definitely be more carcinogenic than the third-level carcinogens. The “toxicity” of the substance is greater, which is not the case.

The carcinogens listed at the back are just “inadequate theoretical evidence for their research” and have nothing to do with their own effects.


Is it safe to eat carcinogens every day? Got cancer?

Think about other factors

Some people say, then I guarantee that there are no carcinogens in the food, and cancer can be avoided.

In fact, this operation has been practiced by scientists, but it turns out that it is not feasible.

First, it is very difficult to do this.

Carcinogens (chemical components, radioactive substances) in food are naturally occurring, produced during processing, or brought in by pollution, and are also related to the way they are eaten. related.

Any kind of natural food has very complex components, and the components produced under the interaction also have the shadow of carcinogens.

Second, you can take a look at the risk factors shown in the picture above. Even if it is true that “there are no carcinogens in the diet”, it is only one incentive. , the influence of other factors cannot be ignored.

Because carcinogens and cancers are not simply one-to-one correspondence.

For example, tobacco has a certain chance of causing lung cancer, but not everyone who smokes will get lung cancer.

Excluding this reason, people who have pneumonia, drink alcohol, and obesity are more likely to develop lung cancer.

How many tumors are there? It is the result of a combination of factors, rather than a single factor.


Eating carcinogens every day without getting cancer?

Maybe the gene itself has an advantage

< /p>

No matter which medical book you open, it will say: The occurrence of tumors is related to heredity (genes).However, few articles analyze carcinogenesis from a genetic perspective.

This is because so far, the gene activity in our body cannot be controlled artificially.

In layman’s terms, cancer may occur in the following two situations :

1. Gene faces various “accidents” during the actual operation, and some people will encounter this loophole.

We need to know that the body’s immune system has three lines of defense, in order to clear the cancer cells made by the body.

If the immune system occasionally leaks and accidentally created cancer cells are preserved, it will The growth and spread in the body will intensify.

2.The normal gene is mutated

In human genes, there is a type of DNA that repairs faulty genes (can be seen as “regulators”).

They could have played a role in the discovery of genetic abnormalities, removing or repairing proto-oncogenes, oncogenes.

For some reason, the repair gene fails, and the abnormally proliferating cancer cells are not caught by the regulatory system. Cancer will occur.

In addition, some people have “defects” in their genes, and they are much more likely to develop cancer than the average person.


every day Eating carcinogens does not get cancer?

Disease factors should also be noted span>

Not just genes,environmental pollution, radioactive gases, virus infections, etc. All factors can affect cancer.

Take common cancers:

Infection with Helicobacter pylori can induce gastric cancer. People with hepatitis B are more likely to develop liver cancer. Foods over 65°C can induce esophageal cancer. HPV virus and cervical cancer are inseparable.

Of course, there are also emotions.

Mental negative emotions accumulate to a certain extent, which is also harmful to the body.

Xi Yingjun, director of the Psychological Crisis Intervention and Stress Management Center of Beijing Anding Hospital, said that self-restraint, depression, anxiety, depression , Helpless emotions, will cause endocrine function disorder, organ function activities easily disordered.

As the body’s immunity declines, it is more likely to develop cancer.

span>In general, we should not only eat less carcinogens, but also prevent such diseases that can induce cancer.

Some people eat carcinogens every day without getting cancer. It may be that there are some “advantages” in the above factors. What we need to do is not to envy other people’s children, but to take care of our own bodies.

After all, until the end of life, no one can say that he is “King Kong is not bad”.

Today’s knowledge popularization is here, If you have any medical knowledge or disease questions, you can ask us, I will get a reply as soon as possible~

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