Why does cancer come back? How long does it take to be “cured” without a recurrence? The doctor speaks the truth

Although the current medical technology has been relatively developed, cancer is still a difficult problem in medicine. The cost of cancer treatment is high, and there may be Let patients bear greater pain, so cancer has always been called an incurable disease in people’s minds.

Based on the current situation, cancer is not enough to be called an incurable disease, because early and mid-term detection Under the premise of cooperative treatment, cancer can generally be conditioned and improved accordingly. People have seen many cases of cancer recurrence after being cured in daily life.

Is clinical cure of cancer not equal to complete cure?

The condition of the patient can be controlled and improved after treatment of the cancer detected in the early and middle stage, so people usually call this situation It is called “healed”.

However, some people’s cancer is obviously cured, but it still recurs after a period of time. Aspect healing is not exactly the same as absolute healing.

Clinical cure It means that after a series of treatments, the patient’s condition has been controlled and no metastasis has occurred.

However, these symptoms still exist, and patients may also bear certain complications and sequelae, so Even if the cancer is clinically cured, it will recur.

In addition The cause of recurrence may also be related to the following factors, it is recommended to know in advance.

Why does cancer recur?

  • The lesion has not been cleared

The purpose of cancer treatment is to remove cancer cells, as well as the tumor or lesion. If the early cancer is treated and removed correctly, it can get better .

However, if the cancer is not cleared during the treatment process, or there are cancer cells residual, the probability of recurrence is very high, after all, cancer cells are very cunning.

  • < span>Discovered too late

Those cancers with a higher recurrence rate tend to It is a late-discovered symptom, or an advanced condition. If it is advanced or develops into a relatively special state, then the treatment of cancer will become very troublesome.

At the same time cancer is lateThere are also cases of cancer cells metastasizing after the first stage. Not only the cure rate is low after cancer cell metastasis, but the probability of recurrence is very high.

  • Think once and for all

Some people get cancer after treatment Control, so they feel that they have fully recovered, and they think that once and for all, there is no need for treatment and control.

Even after the cancer is cured, it should be adjusted in time, such as getting rid of bad behaviors and eating healthy Waiting is very important.

  • Bad mentality

Whether it is for cancer or for Other physical diseases will have an impact. A bad attitude will not only accelerate the progression of cancer, but also increase the recurrence rate.

Some people have a poor mentality. When they are told that they have cancer, they will continue to have negative emotions and bad Emotions, which inevitably lead to cancer recurrence.

How long Does not relapse count as “cured”? Doctors tell the truth

Early and mid-stage cancer will be “cured” after treatment, but only by ensuring that the cancer does not recur can it be regarded as true meaningful treatment.

I wonder if you have heard of the saying “5-year survival rate”, in fact, this kind of saying mainly It is for cancer.

In general, after cancer patients are cured, if there is no recurrence within 5 years, then it can be counted The above is recovery.

Due to different cancer locations and Different treatment methods have different 5-year survival rates.

For example, the 5-year survival rate of a certain cancer is 90%, not to say that there is a 90% probability that it will not Instead, 90% of patients with this type of cancer do not relapse within 5 years.

Seven signs of cancer recurrence, you must know early

1. Weight loss, if a person loses weight continuously without any reason for a period of time, neither dieting nor exercising, and the body is getting thinner and thinner, then It is very likely that the cancer has recurred.

2. Fever, unnaturally without a cold Repeated fever, which is not easy to subside, or infection in body parts, is also one of the signs of cancer recurrence.

3. Deficiency and fatigue. Because the mass reproduction of cancer cells will rob many nutrients from normal cells, when suffering from cancer, patients may feel weak in body, weak in limbs, poor in mental state, and very tired. Many types of Cancer patients are more likely to have this manifestation, so they should pay more attention.

< p data-track="35">4. Wheezing or shortness of breath, if you are breathing normally, but you suddenly feel severe and obvious shortness of breath, chest pain and coughing one day, it is likely to be a sign of lung cancer recurrence.< /span>

5. Chronic cough, if the unexplained cough cannot be cured for a long time, and it has been repeated for more than 6 weeks, Then the possibility of cancer recurrence is very high. The more common cancers are It is lung cancer, esophagus cancer, throat cancer and so on.

6、 Bone and joint pain. If you suddenly have bone and joint pain in various parts of the body, or if it is accompanied by limb and back pain, you should be careful of cancer recurrence.

7. Abnormal defecation, if a person usually defecates very regularly, but defecating within a period of time However, the pattern suddenly changed, and the stool color is white, the foul smell is obvious, or there are blood and mucus, etc., and the cancer recurrence should also be vigilant.

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