Why do the older generation seldom get sick because they often eat pickles because they are poor? Doctor: The reason may be simple

In today’s life, I believe that many people often like to eat some pickles, which can help other meals, especially for some elderly people, in order to save money Also choose to eat pickles with white porridge.

Although eating one or two meals will not affect health, long-term intake will lead to salt Excessive intake leads to a high incidence of cardiovascular disease.

In today’s life, problems like the three high diseases are also a problem that affects people’s healthy life. , For patients with three high diseases, if they are not treated, it will also lead to aggravation of the disease, which will induce serious cardiovascular disease and endanger personal health.

For patients with three high diseases, it is actually related to the daily intake of excessive salt content, so In life, we should also pay attention to strengthening the quality of life.

However, when it comes to this, many people will also feel more confused. Now eating some high-salt foods will cause The problem of three high diseases is high, but in the era of scarcity of materials, the older generation also often eat pickles, why are there so few people who get sick? What has actually happened?

The older generation often eat pickles because they are poor, why do they rarely get sick? Doctor: The reason may be simple

1. Different way of making

In the era of scarcity of materials, most families had relatively poor economic conditions, so they often pickled such pickles. For the pickles eaten by the older generation Most are handmade.

The pickles eaten in life are generally wholesale produced by manufacturers, and the final additive content is relatively high , although it is very delicious.

But if you eat too much of this pickle, it will also lead to excessive toxin residues, which will aggravate The risk of developing chronic diseases, so compared with the pickles eaten by the older generation, there are relatively few additives, so the risk of disease is also reduced.

2. There are differences in physical fitness

< p data-track="14">In fact, with the improvement of living standards, more and more people have developed bad eating habits, coupled with long-term sedentary inactivity, which leads to physical fitness Variation increases the risk of disease.

In the original era, because there was no invention of electronic products, most of the leisure time of many people was very For those who focus on exercise, even if they eat some salt, they can be metabolized quickly, and they will not be absorbed by the body too much, and their physical fitness is relatively strong.

3. High intake of chemicals p>

In fact, although our current pickles are different from the hand-made pickles before, the biggest difference is also because there are relatively many chemical components in them. Most are some additives and preservatives.

Regular intake of this pickle can also lead to excessive intake of chemicals, which can lead to The damage to the body is aggravated, the damage is even more strange, and the impact on the body is relatively large, so it is recommended to eat less pickles like this.

What are the dangers of eating too much pickles?

①injury of renal function

If you have too much income now, the annual fee income will exceed the standard, which will lead to water shortage. Drinking a lot of water will also increase the burden on the kidneys, resulting in imbalance of kidney water and fluid metabolism, and induce kidney disease. danger.

②induced malnutrition p>

Like some pickles, it is easy to cause the loss of nutrients during the production process. If you often eat pickles, although it is appetizing, it will also lead to nutrition Bad problems arise.

Increased risk< /p>

In addition to salt, some pickles have a lot of soy sauce and other condiments that may produce nitrite, which will enter the body and increase the risk of disease. Cardiovascular disease, in particular, affects individual health.

④induced hypertension

if Regular consumption of some pickles will lead to excessive intake of sodium ions, inhibit the formation of potassium ions in the body, and also lead to sodium-potassium imbalance, stimulate blood vessel damage, and cause blood pressure problems.


Often use some tests. The folic acid reaction in the body will also combine with protein to form nitrous acid, which is also a very strong carcinogen, which will stimulate the stomach and increase the risk of cancer.

⑥Accelerated aging

< span>Excessive intake of some pickles will also stimulate skin damage, which will accelerate the aging process and affect personal health. Therefore, it is recommended that women should touch less.

Healthy pickles, please keep these points in mind

1. Pickled vegetables before eating

If you want to eat pickles healthily, you must pay attention to pickling as much as possible. After eating, especially when the nitrite is relatively high when the pickles are just pickled, it is best not to eat it at this time. If you wait for a long time to smoke, you may be able to reduce part of the nitrite intake.

2. Reducing salt content

When eating pickles, you should pay attention to washing and soaking your diet several times, so as to reduce a certain amount of salt, reduce the intake of major elements, avoid harm to the body, and also remove the microorganisms and dirty things in it. .

3. Don’t eat too often

We must pay attention in peacetime. Although it is very appetizing now, we should also pay attention to controlling the amount and do not eat it often. This will easily lead to excessive salt intake, which will not only stimulate blood vessels and cause blood pressure to rise, but also aggravate the disease. occur, so it is better to pay attention to eating less in peacetime.

4. Pay attention to vitamin supplements

At ordinary times, we must pay attention to vitamin supplementation, do not just eat pickles, but also pay attention to a reasonable and balanced diet, often eat some fresh fruits and vegetables, so as to help the body to supplement vitamins and avoid the problem of malnutrition , more conducive to personal health.

Extended reading: not pickled Through the pickle contest “arsenic”, is this true?

Nowadays, people are paying more and more attention to health preservation. Therefore, in addition to the claim that pickles are carcinogenic, there are many people who say that if pickles are not thoroughly marinated, There are relatively more toxic substances in it, which are more harmful than arsenic. So is this statement true or false?

In fact, a lot of salt is added during the production process. If the marinating time is too short, the nitrite in it If the concentration is high, it is easy to cause poisoning, dizziness and nausea, and in severe cases, it may endanger the life of the individual.

So the most important thing for some pickles to pickle for a long time is the amount of nitrite. In fact, after research by scientists, nitrate is not How much toxic, only under the action of some bacteria will be converted into nitrite, there is a certain toxicity and potential carcinogenicity. Excessive intake will endanger personal health.

And there are experiments to prove that pickles were pickled for 4 days, 8 days, and 10 days. A sampling survey was conducted, and it was found that the nitrite content increased and decreased. So pickled vegetables do produce nitrite, but it’s not as scary as arsenic.

So try to eat some pickled vegetables at ordinary times, but also pay attention to controlling the intake of pickles, try to maintain a balanced diet, In this way, damage to the body can be avoided.

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