Why do some people always face the wind and shed tears?

Under normal circumstances, tears are produced by various stimuli to the eyes. Part of the tear fluid is naturally evaporated by the air, and part of the tear fluid flows into the nasal cavity through the tear outflow channel – punctum, lacrimal canaliculus and nasolacrimal duct.

The stimulation of the cold air in the morning will cause the eyes to reflexively increase the secretion of tears, and the “sewer” that excretes tears, but because of the cold The stimulation of the air shrinks and thins, resulting in the narrowing of the outflow channel of tears, and some tears cannot be discharged in time, so they overflow the eye sockets, and the phenomenon of weeping against the wind appears. Its pathogenesis may be that there is chronic inflammation near the lacrimal duct, which causes the lacrimal duct to narrow, or it may be caused by the dysfunction of the orbicularis oculi muscle, lacrimal canaliculus, and lacrimal sac in the elderly.

There are mainly two types of internal causes of tears flowing against the wind: one is deficiency, that is, liver and kidney deficiency, which manifests as tears when there is wind, but the eyes are neither red nor painful, and the tears are clear and thin, and there is no tear when it flows. Heat sensation; the other type is heat, that is, wind-heat type, mainly manifested as cloudy tears, heat sensation, and red and swollen eyes. Tears are one of the five fluids in the human body. If weeping for a long time will cause great damage to the body, it should be treated as soon as possible.

Patients with Yingfengliulei usually need to pay attention to eye hygiene and personal cleanliness, do not share towels and washbasins with others, quit smoking and drinking, and try to be healthy Regular work and rest habits; don’t be overtired, it can help maintain the stability of the tear film and the function of the lacrimal duct, or often apply hot compresses to the eyes to improve eye circulation and reduce the incidence of epiphora; seek medical attention when necessary; for women, it should be used with caution cosmetic.

People rushing to work in the morning and doing morning exercises in the cold wind, it is best to wear masks, scarves and windproof glasses when going out, try not to let the cold wind directly Blow your eyes. Patients with ocular surface diseases such as dry eye, trachoma, and chronic conjunctivitis should use appropriate eye drops under the guidance of a doctor and treat them in time.

In addition, according to folk records, eating rock sugar stewed pig’s trotters can help improve Yingfengliulei. Interested readers can also try it: add 3 grams of rock sugar to 1 pig’s trotter, put an appropriate amount of water in a pressure cooker and stew until it becomes pulpy. , Eat with soup once or twice in the morning and evening for 7 days.

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