Why do so many drug addicts dye their hair and shave their heads? Not out of the mainstream, but because of…

While many people are troubled by hair loss and baldness, some people take the initiative to shave a “Mediterranean” hairstyle and wear a wig.

You read that right, it looks like this:

(Source: Shou County Drug Control Commission)

(Source: Shou County Drug Control Commission)

And this:

(Source: Qianjiang Evening News)

And this:

(Source: City Express)

Even more bizarrely, one woman shaved her hair and all her body hair.

(Source: Guangdong Anti-drug)

What is the purpose of these gods? Why can’t you live with good hair?

It turned out that they were trying to evade a police check-hair drug test!

(Source: Haidian POLICE emoticon pack)

But the end result is the same: Skynet is sloppy!

(Source: Guangdong Anti-drug)

Let’s talk about the black technology of “hair drug test”.

How does it make “addicts” appear, even shaving their hair and wearing a wig?

After the drug enters the human body, it will appear in the urine, blood, saliva, and hair along with the metabolism of the human body, which becomes the evidence of illegal drug use.

However, urine tests, blood tests, etc. can trace drug use to a limited time.

A negative blood test can only mean that the person has not used drugs within 24 hours.

A negative urine test also only means that there has been no drug use within 3 days.

Once the deadline has passed, the drug will not be detected in the blood or urine.

In the past, the police took all kinds of risks to catch drug dealers and drug addicts, but it often happened that they could not provide evidence of drug use because of negative blood and urine tests. !

Some community-based drug addicts will stop taking drugs a few days in advance before the daily urine test, and even speed up the drug excretion by drinking more water, taking diuretics, etc., and then reapplying after the regular urine test. Smoking, which brings a lot of trouble to our anti-drug work.

Later researchers discovered that after the drug enters the human body, it will enter the hair follicle with the blood circulation.

Drugs and their metabolites are fixed by keratin in the hair and remain stably in the hair, unaltered by shampooing or dyeing!

(Metabolism of poisons (drugs) in hair. Source: Internet)

Therefore, after the “addict” takes drugs, the drugs and their metabolites will migrate from the root end to the end end of the hair along with the growth of the hair, as a real-time record of drug use information.

When the hair carrying the drug use information grows out of the skin, the testing personnel can infer the person’s drug use history through the segmentation test of the hair.

At present, the hair detection technology for drug use only takes 3 to 30 minutes to detect whether the test subject has taken or injected drugs within 6 months before the test, and the accuracy rate is as high as 99% [1] ].

This technology can not only detect methamphetamine, morphine, monoacetylmorphine, ketamine, cocaine, ecstasy and other drugs, but also can detect fentanyl, methcathinone, methadone, benzodiazepine, New psychotropic substances such as fluoramine can also be covered.

In further studies, researchers could even trace the origin and origin of the drug by analyzing its metabolic profile, providing reliable clues for drug detection.

Some media have compared hair drug testing to “one hair can test for drugs” in publicity, which is a bit exaggerated.

Actually, we need to collect “a small amount” of hair, which should be no less than 100 mg in total, about 100 or more.

(a small amount of hair. Source: Internet)

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Public Security’s “Specifications for the Detection of Hair Samples of Drug-Involved Persons”, the collected hair should be divided into two parts, A and B, and each part should not be less than 50 mg [1].

At the time of collection, more than 100 hairs on the back of the occipital bone (that is, the back of the head) of the person to be collected should be cut off against the scalp, placed in a clean collection bag and sealed, and the collection should be recorded truthfully. Personnel information.

Maybe everyone thinks: The hair test is so powerful, so dye your hair before the test, or simply shave your head. If you don’t have hair, you can’t test it?

Please get rid of this thought as soon as possible! Black technology is not easy to crack!

Except hair, any part of the human body hair, such as chest hair, pubic hair, armpit hair, leg hair, etc., can be used as drug samples.

Of course, the hair growth and shedding of different parts of the hair will be different to a certain extent, so the number and content of drugs detected by using the hair of different parts will also have corresponding differences.

South Korean star Park Yoochun shaved his head and body to avoid inspections.

The South Korean police, who were relentless in pursuit, came to search the house and found the leg hair that Park Yoochun had shed before, and carried out a hair test again.

The result showed “positive”, confirming that he was taking drugs, and it was analyzed to be methamphetamine.

Therefore, even if you shave yourself hard and shave all parts of your body, there is still a way for the police to test for drugs.

Since shaved hair doesn’t work, can dyed hair escape detection?

Japanese actress Noriko Sakai did such a “saucy operation” – cutting short hair, frequentDying hair, trying to evade a drug test.

However, since the composition of hair dyes and drugs and metabolites is completely different, the interference of hair dyes on hair drug testing is almost negligible.

In the end, Noriko Sakai was successfully detected by the Tokyo police to detect drug ingredients in her hair, and she herself was punished.

As the so-called “intelligence can be mistaken by cleverness”, in the face of the black technology of hair drug testing, any tricks to evade detection can’t escape the eyes of the police. “Addicts”.

Finally, please be sure to raise your awareness of drug prevention:

1. Don’t accept drinks and snacks from strangers, especially bars, KTVs and other places where drugs are prone to occur, and don’t drink any drinks that are out of sight.

2. Never have a first time! Resist the temptation to take a bite!

3. Don’t make friends with drugs, don’t take drugs. If you find someone taking drugs, keep quiet and report to the police in private.

Reviewer: Xueling Ou| Forensic Doctoral Supervisor, Chief Forensic Physician

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