Why do cigarettes raise blood pressure? Reminder: If you want to stabilize blood pressure without fluctuations, you need to do these 4 points

Hypertension is known as the “silent killer”, and persistently elevated blood pressure can damage the health of the heart, kidneys, blood vessels, eyes, etc., causing great harm to people.

The occurrence of high blood pressure is not for no reason. It is formed under the long-term stimulation of some external adverse factors. Among them, smoking is one of the factors that induce high blood pressure. The longer you smoke, the more likely you are to develop high blood pressure.

So how do cigarettes cause high blood pressure?

Cigarettes raise blood pressure because the nicotine in cigarettes stimulates sympathetic excitation, resulting in heartbeat. Stimulates the secretion of adrenaline and other hormones, resulting in vasoconstriction and increased blood pressure.

And the carbon monoxide contained in cigarettes also reduces the oxygen content of the blood, causing ischemia, hypoxia in the arterial intima, accelerating Atherosclerosis formation. In addition to inducing high blood pressure, smoking can also damage the health of lungs, stomach, etc., and even induce cancer. For the sake of health, we must quit smoking in time.

So, how can people with high blood pressure lower their blood pressure?

1. Take medicines as prescribed

Hypertension is a chronic disease that requires lifelong treatment. Once diagnosed with hypertension, the patient should strictly follow the doctor’s prescription for medication, and should not stop or change the medication without authorization. Take the dosage. While taking the medicine, you should also regularly measure blood pressure. If you find that the blood pressure fluctuates significantly, you should seek medical attention in time, and adjust the medication plan in time under the guidance of the doctor to stabilize the blood pressure.

2. Keep a peaceful mind

Mental stress, excessive mood swings, or long-term immersion in emotions such as anxiety, pessimism, and depression will cause blood pressure to fluctuate and affect the stability of blood pressure. Patients with hypertension should maintain a peaceful mind, learn to relieve stress, and face life with a optimistic and positive attitude.

In addition, ensure adequate sleep time, fall asleep before 23 o’clock every night, and avoid staying up late, so as to avoid hormone secretion disorder and increase blood pressure high. When getting up early, you should avoid getting up suddenly, and at the same time, you should pay attention to the combination of work and rest.

3. Insist on moderate exercise

Exercise can speed up metabolism, dilate blood vessels, and stabilize blood pressure. Hypertensive patients can choose some moderate aerobic exercise, such as cycling, swimming, brisk walking, etc. The exercise should be gradual and not rushed, but it should be long-term adherence, to have the desired effect.

It is important to note that people with high blood pressure should avoid strenuous exercise and stop immediately if they feel unwell during exercise.

4. Pay attention to light diet

The influence of daily diet on blood pressure is also relatively large, so patients with high blood pressure should make good dietary adjustments, on the basis of balanced nutrition, reduce the intake of salt, and at the same time eat less preserved food, such as pickles, bacon, etc. Salt, low-fat, and low-sugar are the main ingredients. Usually, you can eat more vegetables and fruits, and drink more water, which will help control blood pressure.

Smoking is a common factor that causes high blood pressure. If you don’t want to suffer from high blood pressure, you should quit smoking in time. In addition, you should also stay away from adverse factors such as alcohol, high-salt diet, and staying up late, so as to maintain blood pressure. of stability.

If you accidentally get high blood pressure, don’t panic. You should make adjustments in your daily life, develop healthy living habits, and strictly follow the doctor’s prescription for medication. Only by keeping your blood pressure stable can you Prevent the occurrence of various complications.