Why are the appearance and hair volume of beautiful people important?

There has been a lot of discussion about Jenna Lin’s tattoos recently.

Some people say that an actor’s body should be refreshed, and tattoos affect filming.

No matter what else, Little Sheep just thinks her sister is even more beautiful with tattoos!

Looking from a distance, the tattoo + a neat black long straight, has a charming and bad style.

Have you noticed that the beauty of the body and the amount of hair are very good.

Although it has always been said that she has changed her head, Lin Zhenna’s face shape and hair volume are much better than ordinary people.

Early hair is also more and more shiny

After a simple fine-tuning of the five views in the later stage, there is a sense of atmosphere of a beautiful woman.

What are the key elements of becoming a Yanba? Bone and hair volume is what matters. This moving picture of Wang Zuxian, the lamb can watch it 100 times.

Jun Ji Hyun’s long hair, like her nose, has become her trademark.

And Anne Hathaway, how many people still remember the stunning look in “The Princess Diaries” when she took off her hat and her hair fell.

These 100% beauties need both bone and hair volume. But the sisters all know that the beauty of the bones is a rare genetic lottery, and thinking about the acquired practice will inevitably hurt the bones.

An excellent shortcut to remedying skeletal problems is to work on hair volume early on.

A lot of non-standard beauties with ordinary bones have won on hair. Like Jin Minxi, with the blessing of hair volume, there is a more relaxed beauty atmosphere.

A lot of hair volume will make the cranial fullness appear, and it will have the effect of retracting the cheekbones and making the face smaller.

Maggie Cheung and Zhong Chuhong are all positive examples of classic Hong Kong-style beauties.

Not only can it modify the face and bones, but the volume of hair also represents vitality and vitality.

The fine hair on the front of the forehead is an age-reducing tool.

Or a heroic or soft hairline, it can give extra points to the temperament.

On the contrary, there are some people whose facial features are beautiful, but their appearance is dragged down by their hair.

A small amount of hair will not only magnify the problem of skeletal physiognomy, but also make the head look bigger and the face wider.

Aragaki’s hair loss problem became serious after getting married

It can also give a person a unhealthy and ageing feeling.

Hair transplant is not the only solution to baldness

Many sisters who suffer from hair loss will think of a hair transplant.

Planting “small saplings” directly is simple and rude, and the effect is direct.

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In addition to hair transplant, another important idea is hair growth. If the soil of the scalp is well nourished, the saplings will naturally grow vigorously.

Hair loss is not so severe that it is necessary to transplant, and sisters who have had hair transplants and are worried about relapse, can work hard on hair growth, invest a small amount of money, and improve their appearance. Great value for money.

When it comes to hair growth, there will definitely be people who will give you Amway various dietary supplements and massages, and even the Sanwu hair growth liquid sold by a treasure.

This kind of petty fights are mostly unreliable. Today, Xiaoyang will tell you about the real and effective hair growth methods from a professional point of view.

Reliable Hair Growth

1. Echelon of Hair Growth Kings: Useful, Fast and Affordable

A large number of studies have confirmed that the most effective means of hair growth is the topical minoxidil.

Minoxidil is a vasodilator that works in two ways. The first is to protect hair follicles from shrinking and delay the appearance of hair loss.

The second is to reverse the miniaturization of hair follicles. The simple understanding is to turn some unhealthy hair follicles into healthy ones and improve the hair loss that has already occurred.

It has been statistically proven that not only hair count but also hair shaft diameter can be increased after topical minoxidil is applied for several months. thicken.

Of course, minoxidil also has side effects, the most well-known being hirsutism.

Because of blood circulation, you may apply minoxidil to your head, which may cause hair growth and a moustache to grow on your face.

At present, this side effect is difficult to avoid, but the solution is actually simple, just scrape it off…

In the early days, minoxidil only had a liquid dosage form, and now there is a foam dosage form. Lamb prefers a foam type, which can avoid the turbulent flow of the drug, does not contain propylene glycol, and is less irritating to the scalp (but some people Feedback will resume after drug withdrawal).

If you are using a liquid dosage form, you can use some applicators to improve the absorption rate of the drug, such as ball applicators or nanocrystal microneedles.

In terms of price, a 50ml bottle of medicine ranges from 50 to 150 yuan. If you use 1 to 2ml a day, your hair will gradually become thicker, and the cost performance is very high.

A brand brochure

In addition, it should be noted that boys and girls need to choose different concentrations of minoxidil, otherwise side effects may occur.

The recommended concentration is 5% for boys and 2% for girls

In fact, the echelon of the king of hair growth should also include finasteride (for boys) and spironolactone tablets (for girls), but these are oral drugs, and the side effects are relatively large, and will not be launched today.

2. The second echelon of hair growth: useful, relatively slow in effect

The second-tier contestants mainly include some medical and aesthetic methods: such as scalp mesotherapy, laser hair growth, and scalp botulinum toxin microdrop injection.

①Scalp Beauty Sculpting

Scalp mesotherapy is to delay the aging of the scalp and strengthen the hair roots by moisturizing the scalp and injecting nutrients.

The advantage is the same as facial hydration – the drug can be directly injected into the scalp to solve the problem of poor smearing and absorption.

Sisters can understand this: the scalp is an extension of the facial skin, facial water light can improve facial aging and wrinkles, and scalp water light can relieve scalp aging and hair loss.

The common products in scalp water light are as follows. The relevant information has been organized by the sisters for everyone to save.

②Laser Hair Growth

In 1967, it was discovered abroad that low-energy laser (694nm/ruby laser) can promote hair regeneration.

With the development of technology, laser hair growth was officially approved by the US FDA in 2007 for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia. At present, the professionally certified household products include the following:

Long-term regular use of these devices can improve the microenvironment around the hair follicle, effectively reduce oily scalp and pimples, and thicken and thicken hair.

But research is research, and it’s a mystery how much use a laser device has on each individual.

Now many hair transplant institutions and hair salons are equipped with professional laser equipment, and the price of a single irradiation is several hundred yuan. Xiaoyang recommends going to the institution to experience the effect first, and then start with the expensive price. It is not too late for household instruments (rich women are free~).

③Botulinum Toxin Droplet Therapy

“Magnum oil” botulinum toxin is widely used in the field of medical beauty, the most common ones are face-lifting and thinning of legs, but its performance in the treatment of hair loss is also worthy of praise.

Botox can relax the tense muscles around the scalp, thereby regulating the blood circulation of the head and increasing the oxygen supply to the scalp.

On the other hand, it can improve the scalp microenvironment, control oil secretion, and relieve seborrheic alopecia.

In terms of price, some doctors have compared the cost of botulinum toxin and oral finasteride treatment. Well worth it.

Botox for hair loss

However, in terms of market supply, there are not many hospitals and doctors who do scalp botulinum microdrops.

The more common method is to directly mix some botulinum toxin injections when doing scalp moisturizing, which is suitable for seborrheic alopecia.

Writing here, Xiaoyang wants to explain that the reason why the above three medical hair growth methods are placed in the second echelon is not to say that these projects are not effective, but more >From a price and penetration perspective.

Xiaoyang believes that with the development of technology and the maturity of the market, there will be more and more affordable and effective projects.