Why are more and more people suffering from cancer in our country? Doctor’s Tip: These 5 kinds of vegetables may be eaten less

In clinical medicine, the key factors that endanger people’s health and even life are traffic accidents, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and cancer.

Cancer originates from malignant tumors in human epithelial tissue cells. With the development of time, tumor cells will continue to spread and metastasize. Serious injury, although the current medical level has been relatively perfect, but can not completely cure cancer.

So most people will inevitably be shocked when they hear about cancer. Once they are diagnosed with cancer, their lives will also be affected. will come to an end.

To maintain good health and reduce the risk of cancer, you should first maintain a good diet, which is The basis of life-sustaining activities, but now most people have poor eating habits.

Frequent overeating or eating too much spicy, irritating and greasy food will cause certain effects on the stomach. Injury also affects the entire body, increasing the burden on the body and even increasing the risk of cancer.

Whether it is a medical staff or a health care expert, it is recommended that everyone “eat more vegetables”. Vegetables are good for the body.

Fresh green vegetables is a healthy green food, rich in a variety of nutrients needed by the body, No matter what age group, people should keep more than 500 grams of vegetables a day, which is more helpful to meet the nutrients needed for life activities.

Vegetables are good, but this does not mean that all vegetables can be eaten by the human body. In life, These 5 kinds of vegetables may contain some toxins, and regular use increases the burden on the body and digestion.

If it is used frequently, it will pose a certain threat to the decomposition burden of internal organs, and even cause cancer cells to grow in the body. Health as far as possible to remove the table.


Why are more and more people suffering from cancer in our country?

According to the latest research data in clinical medicine, new cancer cases in China will increase by about 4.5 million every year. The death toll is as high as 3 million, twice as many as any other country in the world.

The high incidence and mortality of cancer in my country may be closely related to the following reasons.

1. Lack of physical examination awareness

A physical examination can help people fully understand some small problems that appear in the body, and control and treat them in the first time, which can reduce the development of the disease.

However, the national awareness of physical examination is not strong in our country, and it is also because of this reason that the number of people suffering from cancer is increasing.

Especially the middle-aged and elderly people think that the physical examination is a waste of money and time. Even if there is some discomfort, they will choose to delay it. Going to the hospital for examination, small inflammation drags into a major disease, which will eventually cause cancer cells to proliferate.

2. Chronic irritation or trauma

If there are chronic ulcers on the skin, if timely treatment and control are not taken, the area and severity of the ulcers will continue to be harmed, and it will be harmful to the skin. Surface and other cells bring stimulation, induce DNA and tissue cell cancer.

3. Iatrogenic effects

If the city is exposed to ionizing radiation or X-rays, it may cause hematopoietic system abnormalities, such as leukemia and skin cancer, or Long-term use of some drugs containing immunosuppressive drugs and hormones may lead to cancer cells in the body.

4. Poor diet custom

With the development of the living economy, because of the qualitative leap in material life, in the era of high-tech information, most people All form bad eating habits and life behaviors.

The common ones include staying up late, irregular diet, long-term smoking and drinking, skipping breakfast, excessive Dieting, etc., these behavioral habits will increase the burden on the body, causing the body tissue to be in a sub-healthy state, which is more likely to provide cancer.

< s pan>5. Serious environmental pollution

With the development of my country’s heavy industry and chemical industry, there are more and more chemical factories in rural areas. , coupled with the exhaust emissions of private cars, air pollution and water pollution problems are becoming more and more serious, long-term inhalation and ingestion of toxic substances or dust particles.

In this condition, it will cause a huge burden on the respiratory system and lungs, and increase the risk of other cancers and diseases in the body. The survival provides a greenhouse environment.


Doctor Tip: This 5 vegetables you may want to eat less

1. Daylily

Daylily tastes good and is rich in nutritional value, but there is one kind of daylily that cannot be eaten by the human body, that is, fresh daylily.

Fresh daylily contains a substance called colchicine, which has some negative effects on liver and kidney cells, as well as paralyzing the human nerve center.

Excessive consumption of fresh daylily can lead to a sharp drop in body surface temperature, leading to some toxic reactions in patients, including muscle weakness, nausea, Vomiting, etc., so when you buy vegetables, try not to buy fresh day lily.

Or when eating daylily, soak the daylily in warm water of about 60 degrees for 1 to 2 hours, which can effectively remove the Harmful substances and colchicine components.

Secondly, dry the day lily into dried vegetables. The dried day lily does not contain toxins and can be eaten with confidence.

2. Cauliflower

< span>Vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower have dense flowers, which are easy to provide conditions for bacteria and parasites to survive in the greenhouse. During the growth process of vegetables, farmers will spray pesticides, and it is difficult to remove insect eggs and pesticide residues.

Everyone washes repeatedly when frying cauliflower, tearing the cauliflower into small florets, and blanching them in hot water in a pot can effectively reduce pesticides residues and eggs, to a certain extentIt can also remove the odor of cauliflower.

3. Lotus root

< img class="content_title" height="300" layout="responsive" sizes="(min-width: 320px) 320px, 100vw" src="https://p3.toutiaoimg.com/large/tos-cn-i-qvj2lq49k0/833c2bb38f2e41608faaa0e7627a381d" width="600">

fresh lotus root Crispy and delicious, and has a unique aroma, most people like cold lotus roots, but people don’t notice that lotus roots contain ginger worms, a common parasite.

When eating lotus root raw, parasites will continue to enter the human body and damage other organs. For the sake of health, it is best not to eat raw lotus roots. To eat lotus root, blanch the lotus root in hot water, it is more nutritious to eat when cooked.

4. Ginger

< span>The elderly often say: “Eat radish in winter and ginger in summer”. Ginger can bring nourishing and nourishing effects to the human body. It can help to dispel cold and dampness, and is more conducive to the healthy development of the body. However, everyone must pay attention to rot when eating ginger. The ginger cannot be eaten.

Increase the storage. After too much time decay, a highly toxic substance will be produced. This is because it will cause a huge burden on the liver and affect the vitality of liver cells. , a piece of ginger can no longer be eaten as long as it takes a little bit.

Most people will cut off the rotten part. As long as there is no rotten place, this approach will not work. How can the ginger rot? Harmful substances will breed, and harmful substances will develop everywhere, and aflatoxins and other microorganisms will also exist in places where there is no decay.

5. Wild Celery

wild Celery is rich in a poisonous poison celery and poison hemlock. If you accidentally eat wild celery in your daily life, it is likely to cause food poisoning.

If wild celery can effectively reduce its toxicity after heating or drying, the toxins in wild celery will cause the brain’s nervous system to be overexcited. state.

Experts pointed out that wild vegetables are toxic to a certain extent. Excessive consumption will cause toxin damage to the human body and induce food poisoning, including nausea. , vomiting, chest tightness and pain, respiratory failure and other symptoms.

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