Which beverages are healthier?

1. Zero sucrose drinks. Most of the sucrose-free drinks are fructose syrup, and long-term consumption may cause hyperlipidemia.

2. Sugar substitute. Most of the sugar substitutes are “sugar-free” drinks, which have almost no energy and are not burdensome to the body, but they may also cause people to develop the bad habit of “sweetness”.

3. Natural juice. If you choose zero addition or less addition, the relative health risk will be smaller, and you should drink it in moderation.

4. alcohol. Whether beer, liquor, wine, cocktails are wine. Alcohol can add to the fun, but drinking will hurt the body, especially those with chronic diseases.

5. Warm water and weak tea, healthy drinks, drink with confidence.

Remember to drink water every day, 1.5L~1.7, a healthy partner.