Whether the liver is good or not, the eyes are the first to know! Nourishing the liver is nourishing life, Chinese medicine gives 4 suggestions for nourishing the liver

The liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. Caring for the liver, protecting the liver, and scientifically preventing and treating liver diseases are issues that everyone should pay attention to. The food we eat in our body needs the synthesis and decomposition of the liver. The function of the liver is irreplaceable. If there is a problem with the health of the liver, it may cause some diseases. The eyes are the first to know whether the liver is good or not. If there are 4 abnormal manifestations, go to the hospital to check the liver as soon as possible.

We cannot live without the liver?

As we all know, the liver is the largest metabolic organ in our body, and our daily life activities are inseparable from the liver. So what role does it play in our body?

1. Synthesis

After food enters the digestive tract, it will be broken down into glucose. After glucose enters the liver, part of it will be synthesized into glycogen and stored in the liver. In addition, amino acids also undergo protein synthesis in the liver, and the liver also provides a synthesis site for some coagulation factors.

2. Decomposition function

The liver also has a very important function, which is the decomposition function. Many toxic and harmful substances are catabolized through the liver. The liver is also called the largest detoxification organ.

3. Filtering function

Many hormones are metabolized by the liver. An important function of the liver is filtration. If there is a serious disease of the liver, it will affect this function, and the hormone levels will be disturbed.

4. Save function

The liver also has a storage function, especially fat-soluble vitamins. The liver also stores iron and makes up hemoglobin.

5. Secretion of bile

The liver can also secrete bile, which is transported to the gallbladder save. The main job of bile is to emulsify lipids, which is to help digest fats.

Have liver problems, eye prophets?

1. Decreased visual acuity

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver stores blood, opens the orifices in the eyes, and the eyes can reflect the liver exception. If your vision becomes blurry recently, and your eyes are always dizzy, dry and red, it may be caused by excessive anger.

2. Dry eyes

The liver stores blood. It is manifested in the eyes, that is, dry eyes and pain. Excessive use of the eyes for a long time will in turn affect the liver blood, resulting in insufficient liver blood. It is necessary to correct unhealthy eye habits and learn to combine work and rest.

3. More redness

Observe the eyes carefully. If the eyes are red and there are many red streaks in the whites of the eyes, it may also be caused by excessive liver qi. Irregular life, staying up late for a long time will cause excessive liver qi, and the anger will reach the eyes, causing many red blood to appear in the eyes.

4. Yellowing of the eyes

The yellowing of the whites of the eyes is an important manifestation of liver disease. For example, acute hepatitis B, hepatitis A, etc., these will cause different degrees of yellowing of the whites of the eyes. Go to the hospital as soon as possible to find out the cause.

How to treat liver disease with traditional Chinese medicine?

1. Relieve discomfort

Liver disease can cause many physical discomforts, such as pain in the liver area, bloating Diarrhea, etc., such problems can be relieved by Chinese medicine methods. For example, acupoint sticking, cupping, using traditional Chinese medicine, etc.

2. Reducing transaminase

Transaminase catalyzes the transfer of amino acids between amino acids and keto acids An enzyme that is a barometer of liver health, and if the liver is damaged, transaminases can rise. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that elevated transaminase is related to dampness and heat in the body.Poisonous medicinal materials, solve the problem of damp heat and repair liver damage.

3. Prevention of liver fibrosis and cirrhosis< /strong>

The further development of liver disease is likely to lead to liver fibrosis and even liver cirrhosis, which can be prevented by traditional Chinese medicine. TCM can prevent liver fibrosis through immunity, repair damaged liver cells, and use related medicinal materials to achieve the purpose of prevention.

4. Reducing side effects

Chinese and Western medicine treat liver diseases differently, and Chinese medicine emphasizes regulation Immunity, improve related symptoms. Every patient’s situation is different, and the treatment method is different. Targeted prescription and targeted treatment can reduce side effects, relieve related symptoms as soon as possible, and reduce the suffering of patients.

Message from the doctor

Can the liver be in the eyes? From the above, you can observe your eyes to see if there is any abnormal condition related to the liver. In addition to the prevention of liver disease, it is also necessary to regularly go to the hospital for relevant examinations, so that early detection and early treatment can have better therapeutic effects and block the progression of the disease.

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