Whether men or women are over 60 years old, if they can still complete these things, it means their physical fitness is still good

Aging is a kind of charm. It does not represent the pink legs of flowers in people’s worldly eyes. It announces the imminent end of a life, but also heralds a new Birth of life.

No one wants to age, but everyone must experience ageing, so there is no need to resist this Baptism, because this is a different kind of beauty bestowed on everyone by God. #Aile Health Guide#


People’s aging is divided into these three stages, which stage do you belong to now?

Stage 1 – mild aging, ages 25-35 Age

At this stage, it will also be accompanied by the following physiological reactions, such as: lack of energy , physical exhaustion, wilting, fatigue, memory loss, easy to catch cold, poor sleep, loss of appetite, dull skin, pigmentation, decreased immunity, etc.

Stage II – Moderate Aging, Ages 35-45

This stage is accompanied by the following physiological reactions, such as: mood swings, restlessness, anxiety, insomnia, paranoia , memory loss, menstrual disorders, loss of libido, breast atrophy, abdominal distension, severe pigmentation, dry skin, loss of elasticity, large pores, deepening wrinkles, hot flashes and sweating, etc.

Stage 3 – severe aging, ages 45-55 years

After the age of 45, the human body will enter a period of rapid aging, the body will be fully aged, and various diseases will occur. Obsessed; after menopause around the age of 45, due to ovarian atrophy, the secretion of estrogen decreases, the skin loses water and wrinkles, the breasts sag, and the body becomes fatter, which is more likely to cause psychological diseases such as psychological anxiety and depression.


What changes will occur in the body when entering the aging stage?

The aging of the human body is from the inside to the outside, all-round, and all tissues and organs will appear Decreased function. Mainly in the following aspects:

1. Cardiovascular system: Heart valve thickening, decreased elasticity, regurgitation and insufficiency of each valve; coronary arteriosclerosis, calcified plaque; slow heart rate; reduced cardiac reserve function, such as palpitation and shortness of breath after exercise; The elasticity becomes worse, the high pressure of blood pressure gradually increases, and the low pressure gradually decreases after the age of 60.

2. Respiratory system: Decreased lung capacity , The respiratory function is weakened, the reserve function is reduced, and some people may develop senile emphysema.

3. Digestive system: Decreased oral and gastrointestinal functions , Decreased oral chewing ability, gingival recession, tooth loss, decreased taste, decreased gastrointestinal digestion and absorption capacity.

4: Musculoskeletal System: Myofibers Thin, poor elasticity, decreased muscle strength, reduced bone weight, and gradually osteoporosis, poor bone elasticity, bone loss, and easy fracture.

5. Nervous system: memory loss, Poor sleep quality, sluggish movements, unresponsiveness, personality changes, and mood swings.


Men are over 60 years old, if they can still complete these things, it means their physical fitness is still good

< span>Easy to complete the leg “4” test—meaning healthy bones

Lie flat on the bed during daily rest, with your legs flat, with one leg over the other, in the shape of the number “4”, and ask your family to help press If there is pain and severe pain in the knee area, you need to go to the hospital for corresponding examination.

Infrequent back pain—meaning healthy kidneys< /p>

Because our kidneys are located on both sides of the waist, when kidney disease occurs, even if no obvious pain is felt, it will affect the surrounding nerves tissue, causing pain in the lower back.

If you do not experience back pain for a period of time, but you feel that your back is very relaxed, Then it might also mean that your kidneys are in good health, and I’m really happy for you.

Normal bowel function—meaning normal bowel function

Many male friends do not pay attention to the maintenance of the body when they are young, and they often smoke and drink alcohol, which is easy to cause health problems, and it is easy to Poisoning occurs.

If a man is over 60 years old and it becomes particularly difficult to defecate, he may even need to use Kaiselu to help , this situation may have been more serious. However, if the defecation function of middle-aged and elderly people over 60 years old is still very normal, it means that their physical fitness is still very good.

Climb 3 floors in one breath—meaning flexible legs and strong lungs

Stair climbing is actually a very good test, it can help test your physical strength, cardiopulmonary function and leg strength, If you are still relatively relaxed when climbing the stairs and there is no serious breathlessness, then your body is still in a strong state. If you can still maintain it after the age of 50, then congratulations again.


If you want a long life, you should do these 3 things

1. Drink more water

The proportion of water in the body Very high, studies have shown that the human body needs to drink at least about two liters of water a day. This is because the body needs to consume a lot of water for metabolism, so it is necessary to drink plenty of water at ordinary times to replenish the water needed by the human body in time.

In life, many people wait until they are thirsty before thinking of drinking water. This is not correct. Drink more boiled water to clean up intestinal waste and improve the metabolic rate. At the same time, drinking more water can also play a role in lowering blood sugar and blood pressure, which is conducive to maintaining health.

2. Maintain Peace of Mind

< p data-track="37">More and more domestic and foreign related studies have found that mentality is also a major factor affecting physical health.

People’s bad attitudes are mostly related to introversion, negativity, tension, and excessive stress, which can easily cause Endocrine disorders in the body, resulting in decreased immunity.

Keeping a peaceful and optimistic attitude in everything will help eliminate tension and other negative emotions and make blood flow more smoothly in the body , is conducive to the stability of the internal environment. According to the observation data of long-lived elderly people, most of them have a good attitude.

3. Healthy Eating

People take food as their priority, and a healthy diet isbehaviors that affect physical health.

Clinical data show that most of people’s diseases are caused by eating, and the typical representatives are “diabetes, high Blood lipids, obesity, stomach problems”, etc., which are directly related to people’s usual eating habits.

We should have a balanced diet and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, which can not only adjust the balance of the diet, but also provide health benefits to the human body. Nutritional supplements. A healthy diet can delay human aging, improve human immunity, and contribute to a healthy longevity.


Extended reading – How to prevent skin “photoaging”?

1. Physical sunscreen

Go out with an umbrella, wear long sleeves, and stay still. These methods to avoid direct sunlight contacting the skin belong to Hard sunscreen, but there will be sunscreen dead corners as well.

2. Sunscreen

Use a sunscreen with SPF 30 and PA+++ value to give yourself more personal protection.

The most effective protection against sun damage is the use of sunscreen cosmetics that contain UV absorbers and barriers The rational use of sunscreen can not only prevent skin photoaging, but also help to repair damaged skin. The ideal sunscreen cosmetic should be spectral sunscreen or full-band UV protection.