Whether a man is healthy or not, these five characteristics can be reflected, test yourself

As people grow older, men begin to be the pillars of the family. They have to support their families and develop their careers, and the burden on them is still very heavy. Usually men in their 30s and 40s are very attractive. At this time, relatively speaking, the work is already in a stable state, and the family is relatively happy. At this time, men sometimes face the pressure of work and have to work hard. The premise of hard work is to have a healthy body. A lot of people must be thinking, I eat a lot every day and I’m in good shape and healthy. In fact, this situation does not mean that a man is healthy, and the following five characteristics should be used to test whether he is healthy:

I. Physical endurance

Endurance can verify whether a person is healthy or not. When a person’s endurance is very good, it means that his physical fitness is great. For example, in a period of time, a man can walk this distance briskly within a period of time, usually a man in his 40s can walk 3 kilometers in half an hour. Endurance is good. If you do not reach this target, you can usually exercise by long-distance running.

Second, arm strength

As a man grows older, his arm strength will gradually decrease. Usually arm strength can be verified by doing push-ups. A healthy 40-year-old male can usually do ten to fifteen push-ups with standard movements. The more push-ups you do, the better your arm strength is. Very strong, if it is less than ten, it means that the arm strength is weak, and you can usually exercise the arm strength by lifting weights.

3. Heart beat range

When a healthy man climbs a low floor, his breathing is usually normal. When returning home, when the floor is on the third or fourth floor, if he is out of breath when climbing such a floor, it means that his heart function may not be very good. At this time, it is best to go to the hospital for an examination and measure the specific heart rate and amplitude, so that the function of the heart can be effectively identified, and when lesions appear, they can be found in time.

Four. Weight

When a man is too thin or too fat, he may not be healthy as a whole. Because when there is a problem with the body, the body will lose a lot of weight, or when it is overweight, it is easy to suffer from the “three highs” disease. Usually the weight is calculated according to the index. When the value of a person’s weight divided by the square of the height is between 18 and 24, the person is of normal weight. If it exceeds this index, it means that the person is somewhat obese and can be properly lose weight. If you are thin, you can eat more food every day to supplement nutrition.

【Warm Tips】

The editor here reminds you guys, if you find some things about yourself based on your self-assessment If the target is not reached, exercise can be performed appropriately. In daily life, try to reduce smoking and drinking as much as possible, maintain a reasonable diet, exercise more when you have free time, and maintain an optimistic attitude. For your warm family and your career, keep a healthy body! The male compatriots who work hard outside, you have worked hard, and the editor praises you!