Where is the radiology clinic? Everything you want to know is here!

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Have you ever had such an experience?

When you bring imaging data from other hospitals to the outpatient clinic

Sometimes your doctor will ask you to go to a radiology consultation first

Where should you go? How to make an appointment?

For the convenience of patients who come to see a doctor

The newly opened radiology clinic in our hospital

By a senior and experienced chief physician

Monday to Friday in turn for consultation

Can timely, conveniently and accurately provide help to patients who need consultation

provide help

Today we will walk into the radiology department with you Outpatient


Radiology outpatient? Is that where the DR film was shot?

The DR film is taken in the DR filming room of the radiology department in the outpatient building.


Isn’t the reading and writing report on the first floor of Area B of the Surgery Building?

That is where the diagnostician writes the imaging report of our hospital, and the outpatient department of radiology is where the imaging data of the other hospital is consulted.


Where is the consultation location? How to do the procedure? How is the process?

It is located on the west side of the first floor of the outpatient building.


What is the diagnostic level?

Our hospital is the first batch of tertiary first-class hospitals and provincial-level regional medical centers. All the experts are chief physicians who have been engaged in diagnosis for decades, with high diagnostic level and rich experience. At present, the imaging equipment in various hospitals is similar, and various examinations are also tending to be standardized and homogeneous, and all of them can provide high-quality images. Doctors still like to look at images when you come to see a doctor with a diagnosis report from an outside hospital. Because the imaging diagnosis report is subjective, it is directly related to the knowledge and experience of the diagnosing physician. The experience and knowledge of the diagnostician are closely related to the overall level of the hospital. At the same time, the comprehensive level of the hospital is high, there are many types of diseases in hospital, there are many incurable diseases that require imaging diagnosis, there are many operations and more pathology, and there are more opportunities for pathological follow-up to verify the results of imaging diagnosis. the improvement.


How is it different from a clinician viewing a film?

If you take a DR film, there is basically no difference. If it is a CT or MR film, the image on the film is basically a 5mm layer, and each layer of the original image during scanning will be about 1mm, and the film misses a lot of image information.


In addition to these, what advantages does the radiology clinic have?

We have a dedicated post for physicians, with a limit of 30 appointments per day, with ample time, equipped with high-resolution screens and complete facilities. And the computer is equipped with a CD-ROM drive, which can quickly read the content of the CD-ROM, providing you with high-quality and convenient services.


How to make an appointment online?

Follow and click on the official account of Weifang People’s Hospital→Medical Assistant→Registration→All Outpatient Clinics→Department of Internal Medicine→Radiology (Monday to Friday)

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