Where does the confidence of Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD come from to brave Mount Everest?

Driving to Mount Everest in Tibet is the dream of many people, but not many can be realized. On the one hand, the special environment of Mount Everest is a huge test for people. On the other hand, the requirements for cars are also very high. After all, the extreme altitude drop and temperature difference, unknown dangerous terrain and bad weather all make driving into Tibet to climb Mount Everest. became a challenge.

This also makes the upcoming “My Car Robot Z6 – Blue Whale iDD Roof of the World” on August 11th. The “Extreme Performance Test Drive” Everest challenge activity has become more interesting. It is understood that this is not only the first 72-hour three-line simultaneous extreme challenge for Chinese brands to enter Tibet, but also the first time for Chinese brands to challenge the roof of the world 1300km full of fuel and electricity.

As the protagonist of the challenge, Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD will also experience extreme altitude, extreme climate, extreme corners, extreme The four extreme challenges such as road conditions put forward extremely high requirements on the comprehensive performance of its products such as reliability, durability, power and off-road performance.

Don’t work on porcelain without diamonds. The reason why Auchan Z6 Blue Whale iDD dares to do this, I think it still has full confidence.

First of all, no matter which route you take to enter Tibet and climb the mountain, you need strong power as a guarantee. The system’s Auchan Z6 iDD is precisely the least worrying thing about power. The hybrid system of the new car is composed of the Blue Whale NE 1.5T engine and a 110kW permanent magnet synchronous motor. The maximum power of the 1.5T engine can reach 122kW, the peak torque is 255Nm, and the maximum torque of the motor is as high as 330Nm. With the support of the engine, the power output of the Auchan Z6 iDD is very strong and the performance is excellent. Facing the different road conditions of Mount Everest, it can handle the power with ease.

It is worth noting that the challenge to Mount Everest is not only the problem of enough power, but also the problem of the vehicle. Reliability and durability are considered. It is understood that the Auchan Z6 iDD has undergone severe environmental tests since its birth. It can adapt to the ambient temperature range of minus 35 ℃ to 55 ℃. At the same time, the battery pack adopts the highest level of IP67 waterproof level. Strong winds, heavy snow and extreme environments with a maximum height of 5231m, a maximum drop of 5000m, and more than 30 mountains with an altitude of 4000m+ can also provide reliable security.

Complex weather and high altitude are not everything, the test that Auchan Z6 iDD faces is also complicated road conditions, including Nujiang 72 Turns, 108 turns on Mount Everest, and various “super bad roads” such as gravel, wading, mud, and craters, also put forward extremely high requirements on the chassis tuning and handling of the new car. Auchan Z6 iDD adopts the front McPherson rear multi-link chassis structure, and after careful adjustment, the chassis is neat and has a good texture, with body stability control, lane departure warning, line merge assist, active braking, forward collision warning, 360 panoramic image , full-speed adaptive cruise, uphill assist, steep slope descent and other functions can greatly improve driving convenience and safety.

Challenging the limit does not mean boring and lonely, with the company of Auchan Z6 iDD, the journey can become rich interesting. Auchan Z6 is equipped with OnStyle 5.0 smart happy cockpit, 12.3-inch ultra-edge cut central control screen + 10.3-inch floating full LCD instrument screen and 9.2-inch smart small European screen can not only display vehicle and driving information, but also provide audio-visual entertainment, in-car A wealth of entertainment functions, including interconnection, etc.

It is worth noting that the OnStyle 5.0 smart happy cockpit of Auchan Z6 iDD is also equipped with a high-performance ultra-fast 8-core chip , with a 2.0GHz computing frequency, it can easily achieve high-frequency operations such as 0.8 seconds voice wake-up, 1 second fast boot, 1 second lightning networking, 1 second face recognition, 2 seconds navigation, etc. The excellent response speed can meet the driving needs faster. Passenger entertainment needs. At the same time, the DTS cinema-level 3D surround sound and high-fidelity sound can also bring a feast to the drivers and passengers, while the 1.53-square-meter large panoramic sunroof allows the beauty of the journey and the sun to spill into the car.

It can be said that abundant power, rich technological configuration and excellent in-vehicle interconnection not only provide drivers and passengers with product guarantees to conquer Mount Everest. And it will also make the challenging journey no longer boring, I think this is also the key to the Auchan Z6 iDD’s ability to brave Mount Everest.

Write at the end:

Obviously, in the face of absolute strength, it is not an unattainable thing to go to Mount Everest, and with excellent strength, Auchan Z6 iDD opens the first 72-hour three-line synchronization limit entry challenge for Chinese brands, For the first time, the two great feats of the Chinese brand’s 1300km full-oil and full-electricity challenge on the roof of the world have become a matter of course. To observe from a distance and enter Tibet to challenge Mount Everest, the significance is not only as simple as verifying the strength and quality of products, but also at the same time It is also the embodiment of Auchan Auto’s insistence on the upward “Mount Everest Spirit”. While verifying the strength of the product, it will also further enhance its brand mentality and enhance the premium capability of the Auchan brand.

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