Where are the heavy metals in food and how do they come from? How to Reduce Heavy Metals in Your Diet

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Our living conditions are getting better and more troublesome.

We often see many incidents of food poisoning and feel risk everywhere.

Actually, in addition to food poisoning, heavy metal poisoning incidents also occur from time to time and should not be ignored.

There are frequent news reports of heavy metal poisonings such as mercury poisoning, lead poisoning in children, arsenic poisoning and more. (Related reading: What is lead? The hazards of lead poisoning, you must know!)

In today’s article, we’ll take you to an in-depth look at sources of heavy metal poisoning and how to reduce the sources and levels of heavy metals in the diet .


What are the main sources of heavy metals?

First of all, what is heavy metal poisoning?

Heavy Metal Poisoning

Heavy metal poisoning, when heavy metals (including, for example, lead, cadmium, antimony, arsenic, manganese, nickel, aluminum, etc.) accumulate in toxic doses in the soft tissues of the body, thereby causing human poisoning.

These metals compete with and replace certain essential minerals in the body, in the process of which any organ system in the body is May be affected, causing serious and irreversible diseases such as Wilson’s disease. (An autosomal recessive disorder characterized by copper accumulation and toxicity caused by defects in enzymes involved in the bile excretion of excess copper.)

The most common heavy metals associated with human poisoning are lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium, among others.

So, in general, what are the sources of heavy metal poisoning?

Sources of heavy metal poisoning

In general, industrial, mining exposure, air or water pollution, food, pharmaceuticals, improperly coated food containers or ingestion of lead paint, Contaminated tap water (near mining area), industrial waste, wastewater contact, fossil fuel wastewater contact;

Use metal amalgam fillings (which slowly release mercury into the body) to contact or use household substances that contain mercury, such as adhesives, air conditioner filters, cosmetics, fabrics Softeners, felts, floor waxes and polishes, and talc, among other sources, can all contribute to heavy metal poisoning.

There are also pesticide residues widely used in modern agriculture, and there are also many heavy metals, which are found on the skins of many vegetables and fruits we ingest.

Some older fish, such as: whale, swordfish, shark, mackerel, marlin, etc., have some heavy metal residues, it is recommended to eat less, Fortunately, we didn’t eat much.

Then, what kind of winds will the accumulation of a large amount of heavy metals cause?What about the risk?

Symptoms of heavy metal poisoning

Severe heavy metal poisoning may cause acute symptoms such as:

Headache, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, difficulty breathing, and more.

In cases of chronic heavy metal poisoning, patients may experience burning, tingling, chronic infections, brain fog, insomnia, visual disturbances, and more.

In addition, excessive accumulation of heavy metals in the body can easily lead to liver, kidney and heart damage, autism, dementia, DNA mutations, prostate problems, cancer and more.

Long-term exposure to heavy metals may also cause degeneration of the body, muscles and nervous system.

In severe cases, the symptoms of heavy metal poisoning are even similar to those associated with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and multiple sclerosis.

Therapies for heavy metal poisoning

In general, depending on the level of heavy metal exposure, these toxins can be removed by medically supervised intravenous drugs that bind to the heavy metals, a process that also Called chelation (a specific way of binding a metal ion to an anion or molecule), it removes some of the toxins.

However, this approach is controversial, the use of chelation therapy can be very dangerous for patients, and it can also cause heavy metals to recirculate in the body.

Also, in addition to chelation, consider natural complementary therapies, which are relatively safer, such as consuming foods and ingredients that can help excrete heavy metals.


How to reduce heavy metals in your diet

Eat clean fruits and vegetables

First of all, in terms of dietary habits, it is recommended to eat more organic food, and wash vegetables and fruits before eating. Minimize pesticide residues, avoid contact with unknown water sources, and do not drink contaminated water;

Do not eat processed foods (processed foods are extremely low in nutritional value and slow down the body’s detoxification process)

Also, eat more foods that can help flush out heavy metals, such as:

Leafy greens

Some green vegetables can help eliminate heavy metals.

Try eating more vegetables each day, such as kale, Swiss chard, dandelion, mustard greens, arugula, or beets, broccoli sprouts, etc., which provide antioxidants and good foods to reduce inflammation.

Herbs and Spices

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant herbs and spices like basil, parsley, oregano, rosemary, thyme, ginger, turmeric, cinnamon and coriander and more , can help remove heavy metals.

Foods rich in vitamin C

Vitamin C-rich fruits and vegetables act as antioxidants, reducing damage from heavy metal toxicity.

Such as berry fruits (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, etc.), lemons, bell peppers, etc.

If you are concerned about the sugar in fruits and oxalic acid in vegetables, you can take vitamin C supplements directly, or vitamin C injections.

Sulfur-containing foods such as garlic and onions

These vegetables contain sulfur, which helps the liver remove heavy metals such as lead and arsenic, and sulfur-rich foods, such as garlic and broccoli, may be good chelators mixture.

Studies found that garlic may prevent kidney damage from cadmium and reduce oxidative damage from lead in rats.

Bone broth

Bone broth can help repair leaky gut, it increases glutathione levels and is rich in gelatin, which is important for collagen synthesis.

Bone broth can also improve the body’s ability to heal itself and help the body better rid of heavy metals.


This is a natural detoxifier, and Chlorella is able to bind heavy metals and will work with them in vitro.

There is also some data that it helps prevent the accumulation of heavy metals in tissues and reduces heavy metal toxicity.


Glutathione is an important physiological chelator, and reduced glutathione protects cells from reactive oxygen species associated with heavy metals.

Glutathione protects cells from oxidative damage that can be caused by heavy metals when supplemented with glutathione.

Learn more about glutathione, you can read the previous article (the strongest antioxidant in history, 100 times stronger than eating fruits and vegetables, easy to use without money) Oh, You can increase glutathione levels by ingesting L-cysteine, the precursor of glutathione.

Alpha-lipoic acid

This is a powerful antioxidant that regenerates other antioxidants (such as vitamins E and C, and reduced glutathione) and Has metal chelating activity.

It’s fatty and water-soluble, easily absorbed from the gut and crosses the cellular and blood-meningeal barrier, helping you with metal toxicity. Related reading Thinning, whitening, becoming smarter, diabetes complications disappear, comprehensive science of anti-aging artifact alpha-lipoic acid…

cilantro, cilantro

Coriander, also known as coriander, is a love-hate plant, and although it is a bit oxalic, it has a nice feature, is to reduce heavy metals.

Animal studies have found that cilantro reduces lead absorption and inhibits delta-aminolevulinate dehydratase.


A basic element important to the human body, selenium ions can form extremely stable insoluble compounds with mercury, which can relieve the symptoms of mercury poisoning.

A controlled trial of 103 villagers exposed to mercury found that selenium supplementation helped the body eliminate mercury.

About selenium, you can read the previous popular science articles (research found that supplementing this mineral can prevent obesity and prolong life).

Combination therapy

Combination therapy is a combination therapy that enhances metal mobilization in the body, reduces individual doses of chelators, and reduces the redistribution of toxic metals from one site (eg, bone or liver) to more sensitive sites (eg, bone or liver) brain) method.

Studies found that co-administration of low doses of DMSA and monoisoamyl DMSA (MiADMSA) not onlyMost effective at reducing arsenic-induced oxidative stress and most effective at depleting arsenic in blood and soft tissues.

Supplementation with antioxidants and small molecules containing thiol groups, and chelators may help increase the mobilization and excretion of toxic metals while improving biochemical variables .

Toxic elements can build up in soft tissue and bones over time, and chelation therapy needs to be done under the guidance of a professional, as individuals vary greatly.

Key Thin Dragon Says

Prevention of heavy metal poisoning is very important for older people. Many unsolvable problems are related to the accumulation of heavy metals.

The first thing you should do is to change your eating habits and reduceexposure to heavy metal sources.

Be careful not to ingest contaminated water sources. Crops such as grains are the hardest hit areas for heavy metals and can be appropriately reduced.

There are also pesticide residues in vegetables. It is recommended to wash them a lot, soak them thoroughly and wash them with running water.

At the same time, it is recommended to consume more ingredients that exclude heavy metals to greatly reduce the risk of heavy metals.

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