When you are over fifty, these 4 kinds of “destiny” will come to your side, which is an innate blessing


Confucius once said that at fifty you know the destiny.

A person, no matter what he has experienced, whether lucky or unfortunate, will clearly perceive the mission of this life , understand the direction of their own destiny. This is what Confucius called the “mandate of heaven”.

Everyone comes to this world with a mission. Some people are in order to promote the development of history, some are in order to repay someone, and some are in order to become rich and famous…

Different people actually have different lives. Rich or poor, lucky or bad, what is it? Everything is bound to happen, we can’t stop it, we can only accept it silently.

As the saying goes, “Sometimes in life you have to have it, but you don’t want it in your life.”

Those who have lived through half a lifetime should understand that the happiness that belongs to you, even if it is far away from you, will come unexpectedly. If it does not belong to your happiness, no matter how much you struggle, you will gain nothing. Good or bad luck is God’s will.

We can’t change God’s will, so we can only control our own “destiny.” This is what the ancient Greek philosophers called “know thyself”. People, a little self-awareness, may be a good thing.

If you are over fifty, these four kinds of destiny will come to you, which is your innate blessing.


people to fifty, you will accept “It backfired.”

A Zen master once said that what is gained and what is lost is fate. Backfires will always be the norm. And it may just be a good expectation.

The hardest thing for people to accept is not that the reality is too hard, but that it is difficult to achieve the ideal “backfire.” No matter what we pursue, it is difficult to achieve the desired result.

We might as well ask ourselves, what’s the point of this life that goes against your expectations?

I believe many people will find it meaningless. However, from the point of view of “fortune and misfortune”, everything backfires, all in order to make us develop in the most appropriate direction.

You wanted to be a teacher, but ended up being a doctor, which backfired. It can only show that you were born to be a doctor, not a teacher. Who can change this?

You buy stocks with others, who knows that others make a lot of money, and you lose even the principal. This only shows that some money, you shouldn’t earn, you will never earn it.

Life is a process of accepting that things backfired. Accepting the unacceptable is the only way to achieve a natural and unique rest of your life.


people to fifty and you will understand “Plain is a blessing”.

Before 2020, everyone disliked plainness and believed that an ordinary life was a life of failure. Because what we pursue is not only great wealth, but also success.

After 2020, people’s attitudes have changed immediately, gradually agreeing with the “plain” life, and some even expect simple Simply live and don’t want to be bothered by any risks and problems.

Why do attitudes change so quickly?

Someone once said that a grain of sand of the times, falling on any person, is like a mountain. No one knows who the accident and tomorrow will come first.

Any accident in the era is a huge catastrophe for ordinary people. Young people are fine, at least they don’t have a heavy burden. But the middle-aged people are different, they are trembling, for fear that they will fail. , the second half of our life is doomed.

In fact, we gradually learn that “plain is a blessing”, which is also a good thing. At least, Finding the meaning of life in the dull and understanding the value of life is also a kind of understanding and maturity.


By the time you reach fifty, you will learn to “be still in self-cultivation”.

Lao Tzu wrote in the Tao Te Ching: “Resistance overcomes cold, and tranquility overcomes heat. Peace is the world. ”

Excessive impatience in the heart will expel the cold around you. Excessive calm in the heart will suppress the flame of desire. In the end, it is still Focusing on a pure mind and few desires, with a mind like a mirror, this is the right way in the world.

Whether it is restless or quiet, this They are all our indispensable abilities. However, when to be restless and when to be calm, we need to grasp a degree.

In today’s complex In the extreme era, do we choose to live a restless life or choose to live a quiet life?

I think,< span>The more complex the era, the more people need to be calm. Look at today’s modern people, they are always in a hurry, they don’t know the taste of life at all, and they live a life of insensitivity.Does this really make sense?

For ordinary people, it is normal to be a little irritable when they are young. And people over fifty , don’t be anxious, just live quietly, not to be happy with things, not to be sad about yourself, this is the best way out.


By the time you reach fifty, you’ll understand that “everything you see is false.”

There is a sentence in the Diamond Sutra: “All appearances are false. “

roughly means that all appearances and names are unreal. Everything in this world, even if What we see is illusory.

When we were young, we did not understand why all we saw was What about the illusory? After half a lifetime, I suddenly discovered thatThe more real something is, the more hypocritical it is, and it will only drift with the wind in the change of time.< /strong>

What is money and fame, what is poverty and wealth, what is vain fame, what is honor and shame, what is it? Everything will pass with time, and everything will become a vicissitudes of life.

Even our life, It comes with fate and goes away with fate, essentially still “empty”.

Actually, this is not to make us negative, but to let us stop worrying. You know, instead of worrying about the illusion in front of you, it is better to do something you like, so that your life after middle age, All are sunset afterglow.

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