When the great summer heats up and Futian is at the right time, eat “5 umami flavors” in season, refreshing, nutritious and comfortable for the summer

The scorching sun and the scorching heat waves have made it so hot every day since I fell into the ambush, and even my breathing seems to have become less smooth. In a blink of an eye, the first turbulence has come to an end, and the advent of the Great Summer solar term has not only “escalated” the heat, but also ushered in the “peak” of the rainfall.

Such heat and humidity have a great impact on people, and I always feel I don’t have the energy to do anything, and I don’t feel very beautiful. If you want to get rid of these troubles, in addition to adjusting your mentality, after the arrival of the big summer, eat seasonally“5 umami”, refreshing Supplement nutrition to make the body more relaxed and comfortable for the summer.

1. Fuyang Soup

There is a folk saying: “Fuyang is a bowl of soup. , there is no need to prescribe a good recipe”, the custom of “drinking summer sheep” is very popular in many areas of our country, especially in southern Shandong.

Some people may not understand why they should drink warm sheep soup in summer , In fact, this is because the weather is hot and we all take a break from the heat and cool down, but the body needs “yang qi” to balance. Moreover, the mutton at this time is very fresh and tender, and the smell of mutton is not so strong. After cooking the soup, it is very appetizing and can supplement the energy consumed.

When cooking this soup, in addition to the main lamb and lamb spine, According to personal preference, you can also put some vermicelli, tofu, radish or mushroom food, so that the taste will be richer.

2. Qingchi chrysanthemum tea

Although chrysanthemum blooms in late autumn, it is still Bubble tea is suitable for all seasons. In ancient times, people would drink tea to prevent heatstroke in order to cope with the difficult Futian, and chrysanthemum tea is one of the traditional “cool drinks”. Now that the big summer season is always sultry, drinking this tea is refreshing and most comfortable.

In the variety of chrysanthemums, choose a good quality tea chrysanthemum not easy. In the sharing of some tea lovers, the Qingchi chrysanthemum in Kaifeng appeared frequently, and it was a precious tribute in the Northern Song Dynasty.

Chrysanthemum chrysanthemum has a pleasant aroma when it is mature, and because of its superior growth environment, it contains are rich in natural nutrients. The fresh flowers retain their activity after processing. Using them to make tea not only has a bright yellow color and a fragrance of chrysanthemum, but also has a sweet taste that is in line with the public’s preferences.

3. Lily porridge

Lily is a highly nutritious food. It is often used to cook porridge, and some people use it to stir-fry dishes, but it is rare. Usually after the end of July, it reaches the maturity period, and this time is also in the great heat. The freshly harvested lilies are dried and sold in the market. Because of their slightly bitter taste, they are often eaten with other ingredients. In the humid and hot summer, it is good to drink some lily barley porridge, which can help to “clean up” the body.

To make this porridge, you need to soak the barley for two hours in advance, then dry the lily and Wash the rice, add a pot to boil water, put all the ingredients after it boils, and simmer on low heat for about an hour to complete. Especially friends who are easily depressed in summer, you can try drinking it.

4. Luohua lotus root

Each season has its own unique umami. During the great summer, lotus root is the most common seasonal dish on the table. Folks call this fresh “falling flower lotus” because the lotus root picked is very tender and juicy when the lotus flower just fell.

Remove the skin of the lotus root, the white and tender water looks lovely, it can be done in many ways In this way, whether it is cold, soup, or stir-fry, it is very delicious. In summer, cold lotus root slices are often made by many families, which are simple and convenient.

< p>Prepare a section of lotus root, wash it, peel and slice it with boiling water for a while, remove it from the water and prepare it. Chop the shallots, mix with salt, sugar, rice vinegar, and soy sauce to make a sauce (other sauces can be prepared according to personal preference), then pour it on the lotus root slices and mix well.

5. Lycium barbarum water

It is common sense to hydrate in summer, and young people like to drink A variety of beverages, and many middle-aged and elderly people like to drink wolfberry in water. Throughout the ages, wolfberry has been regarded as an excellent “tonic”, although it is small in size, it has many benefits after consumption.

The weather is hot now, some nourishing ingredients are easy to get angry, and wolfberry is peaceful , Soak in water to drink tonic but not dry. Because it is easy to store and easy to eat, the processed dried wolfberry has become a standing stock in the family, and the reputation of this Chinese medicine is very high.

It uses fresh and mature first stubble wolfberry as raw material, and the selected fruit is a The grains are full and shiny. After drying, the natural vitamin C, carotene and other substances contained in them are completely preserved. After soaking in hot water for a while, the tea soup will turn slightly yellow, and a drink is sweet and refreshing, which makes people aftertaste.