When people are middle-aged, they should keep their mouths shut, keep light and less oil, eat more 3 kinds of seasonal wild vegetables, and get better and better.

Introduction: When people are middle-aged, they should keep their mouths shut, keep light and less oil, eat more 3 kinds of seasonal wild vegetables, and get better and better

Recently I often hear the older generation say: “You fight for wealth when you are young, and you fight for health when you are old.” In fact, health comes first at any age, and only physical health is real Happiness.

No matter how much you struggle when you are young, your body can’t feel it, especially when people reach middle age, their health will plummet. First of all, the first thing to age is the stomach. Some things should be avoided, and you will never dare to eat indiscriminately.

People should avoid food when they are middle-aged, such as fried food, frozen food and other food must be eaten less, try not to eat, eat too much, the stomach will be unable to bear, not diarrhea , that is, gastrointestinal problems such as hot and dry, people do not want to avoid it.

The usual diet should be light and less oily. Eat more of these 3 kinds of seasonal wild vegetables, and your body will get better and better.

1, Ai Ye

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Since ancient times, mugwort has been a good health product , it is both a wild vegetable and a green delicacy. It is deeply loved by the people and is even often grown as a vegetable.

Artemisia argyi can be eaten for a long time, and its young leaves can be used from spring to summer. Everyone knows that argyi leaves can be used to make green balls, and the taste is unique and soft. Sweet and glutinous, it’s really delicious.

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Actually, the simplest and nutritious way of wormwood leaves is to boil eggs with wormwood leaves. Although the taste is slightly bitter, the nutrition will not be lost, and the slightly bitter wormwood leaves are more nutritious. This is also its characteristic. The older generation often said: Ai Ye that is not bitter has no soul.

In addition, Artemisia argyi also has the functions of dispelling wind and swelling, relieving pain and itching, regulating menstruation and stopping bleeding. In addition to being helpful for women’s gynecology, it is also effective for migraine, rheumatism and bone pain. , wind-induced asthma and other diseases have curative effect, very suitable for middle-aged people.

2. Purslane

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Speaking of purslane, everyone must be very familiar with it , it is also a common wild vegetable in rural areas, and like mugwort leaves, it is also cultivated in large quantities by farmers as a vegetable for consumption.

Portulaca oleracea is famous for its acidity. It can be used for stir-frying, cold salad, soup, stuffing and dumplings, etc. Especially in soup, it is a must, it tastes smooth Delicious, fresh and sour, with a unique flavor.

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At the same time, purslane can be eaten for a long time. It can be eaten from April to September. Like leeks, it has long been picked and has strong growth ability, even in severe droughts. It can also be as green as ever.

Portulaca oleracea also has certain health care effects. It not only has the effect of protecting heart disease, but also clears intestinal heat, and has a good curative effect on relieving diarrhea and dysentery. Especially after middle age, eating more is good for the body.

3. Houttuynia cordata

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Houttuynia cordata is obtained because of its fishy smell Because of the name, many people can’t eat it because of this smell. Some people smell bad, while others smell good. It is very delicious when used in cooking, especially when it is used for cold salad. It is a special dish in many supermarkets and restaurants.

In the past, it could be seen everywhere in the countryside. With the large number of people excavating, there are fewer and fewer wild Houttuynia cordata. Some farmers who like to eat Houttuynia cordata will Grow some in your own vegetable garden for easy picking and longer serving time.

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As we all know, Houttuynia cordata is not only rich in nutrients, but also has certain It has the functions of clearing heat, detoxification, diuresis, as well as anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects, and has certain preventive and therapeutic effects on various diseases of the body.

When people reach middle age, they should keep their mouths shut, keep light and less oil, and usually eat more seasonal green vegetables. In particular, wormwood leaves, purslane, and houttuynia cordata are the current seasonal wild vegetables. Eat more green delicacies that can be used for both medicine and food, not only can supplement nutrition for the body, but also have health care effects, and the body will get better and better.