When mastitis occurs, an abscess may form, which can have a great impact on a woman’s body

The breast is a delicate area and problems often occur due to various factors. If left untreated, these problems can lead to serious illness. During the development of mastitis, a common manifestation is breast swelling. And some tissue will die of necrosis, and inflammation will continue to develop. In order to prevent local inflammation from aggravating and causing abscess, the most important thing is to treat and control the development of partial inflammation in time, so as not to affect the skin around the breast.

An abscess may also form when mastitis occurs. If you notice breast abscesses that fester as they mature, you must be wary of mastitis. The occurrence of mastitis can also cause nipple discharge symptoms. After further development, the patient will have symptoms such as high fever, chills and rapid pulse, and the breast swelling and pain will also be more obvious, local skin redness may also be related to mastitis, but not all fever may be caused by other body inflammations of.

Once mastitis forms an abscess and breaks through the connective tissue in front of the pectoralis major, a post-breast abscess or milk spills from the wound to form a milk leak. Mastitis has a great impact on a woman’s body, especially in the early stages of breast inflammation, when the breasts are swollen and lumps appear. At the same time, there will be tenderness and redness and swelling of the skin on the surface of the breast, and the patient may also have a fever, which can seriously affect the woman’s body and emotions.