When liver cirrhosis occurs, there will be 3 kinds of abnormalities in the body. Check in time to avoid the continuous development of liver disease.

Cirrhosis refers to the hardening and deformation of the liver. This disease is mainly caused by patients with chronic liver disease not receiving timely treatment.

Studies have shown that 60%-80% of liver cirrhosis is caused by viral hepatitis, the most common of which are hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, the continuous attack of these diseases can cause the patient’s liver cells to continue to be damaged, and then develop the problem of liver cirrhosis.

In addition, if the patient has the habit of drinking for a long time, then suffering from There is also an increased risk of cirrhosis. Because alcohol can cause stimulation to liver cells, resulting in lesion or even necrosis of liver cells, resulting in liver cirrhosis in patients.

Liver cirrhosis is a very serious disease. The development of this disease is complicated, so patients will have various abnormal symptoms , such as itchy skin, etc.

In addition, if the patient’s body has the following three abnormal symptoms, should also pay special attention.

1. Dark complexion

Ordinary However, when the liver is hardened, the face will be greatly affected, and the patient will have the typical liver disease face, such as dark complexion, dry and rough skin, Visible dark circles, etc.

These problems are associated with a rapid decline in liver function. It is understood that when a patient suffers from liver cirrhosis, the liver damage will be very serious, resulting in a continuous increase in the production of melanin.

In addition, the level of tyrosinase in the patient’s skin also increases, making tyrosine It gradually converts to melanin and causes melanosis problems, eventually manifesting on the face.

As the disease progresses, the patient’s adrenal glands will also be affected, resulting in a continuous decline in adrenal cortex function and increased melanocytes. strong>Different degrees of pigmentation also occur in the lips and oral mucosa.

Second, indigestion

< p>Due to the decline of liver function, the normal production and excretion of bile will be affected, so that the body’s digestion of fatty substances will be obstructed, so patients will have obvious symptoms Loss of appetite;

Especially after ingesting some greasy foods, patients may have a series of symptoms such as nausea, bloating and even diarrhea.

At the same time, if the patient is not treated in time, then the intestinal damage It can get progressively worse, causing patients to experience indigestion problems.

Over time, if the nutrients in the food cannot be absorbed all the time, it is likely to cause various abnormal symptoms, such as weight loss, general weakness, etc.; this general weakness The symptoms are different from ordinary fatigue. Even after a period of rest, it is difficult to adjust. Therefore, patients should pay attention to distinguish them.

Three, abnormal bleeding

normal Under these conditions, various systems in the patient’s body are in relatively balanced state. Once there is a problem with one of these parts, it can affect the balance and cause all kinds of abnormal conditions.

When there is a problem with the liver, the synthesis of clotting factors in the body is blocked, resulting in uncomfortable symptoms such as nosebleeds and bleeding gums.

At the same time, some patients may also have problems such as gastric varicose veins, portal hypertension, which can lead to Gastrointestinal bleeding problem.

If the patient eats hard food or suffers from external stimuli, then it is likely to suddenly appear hematemesis, hemorrhagic shock, In severe cases it can even be life-threatening.

The above are several main manifestations of this disease. It can be seen that liver cirrhosis is very< strong>Dangerous disease, the occurrence of this disease often indicates that the patient’s liver disease has developed to a relatively severe stage.

Therefore, once the above problems occur, it is necessary to go to the hospital immediately for examination and treatment, and regular physical examination, so as to better Take a observation of the recovery.

In addition, since the occurrence of liver cirrhosis is related to long-term drinking, patients should quit alcohol immediately after the onset of the disease, and try to eat as much as possible easy-to-digest foods. food, thereby promoting recovery from disease.