When a nutritionist visits Sam, you must buy these 9 foods (not promotion)

After I wrote about the foods worth buying in Hema last time, many friends hoped that Mr. Gu would publish an issue of Sam. During the 11th, my family went to Sam. , I have sorted out N foods worth buying for everyone. Let’s take a look.

1. Chia seeds

Chia seeds are really very nutritious. Eating 30 grams a day can consume 10.3 grams of dietary fiber and 189 mg of calcium, which account for dietary fiber and calcium respectively. 34% to 41% and 24% of the recommended intake.

In addition, Chia seeds are also rich in alpha-linolenic acid, an essential fatty acid that the body cannot synthesize and can only obtain from food.

The recommended intake of alpha-linolenic acid is 0.6% of the daily energy. The daily energy recommendation for women is 1800 kcal, and the corresponding alpha-linolenic acid is 1.2 grams.

strong>30 grams of chia seeds can absorb 5.6 grams of alpha-linolenic acid, which can meet the needs of the human body without eating flaxseed oil or walnut oil.

Sam’s chia seeds cost 88 yuan for 1.3 kg, which is 33.8 yuan per pound, which is much cheaper than the 40.7 yuan per pound I bought from a certain Dong; The packaging also does not have to worry about the expiration date, because it has a long shelf life of one and a half years.

2. Fruit Duo Duo Cereal

The amount of fruit worthy of the name is very large. Among them, strawberries, yellow peaches, blueberries, and figs are freeze-dried, mangoes are freeze-dried and mango shops, and cranberries are dried cranberries. , and crunchy coconut chips. Friends who love dried fruit can enjoy it very much. The specific amount of dried fruit added can be seen in the picture below.

In addition, it has added fructooligosaccharides to provide sweetness, and there is no added sugar except for the added sugar brought in by strawberry yogurt cubes, blueberry yogurt cubes, and dried cranberry.

Look at the nutrition list again, the fat content is not high, it is 12.2%, so it does not taste greasy.

Snack as a snack, or as a breakfast cereal with milk and eggs, my biggest worry is that you won’t be able to stop.

3. Mengniu’s fresh milk

Looking at the nutrient composition table, it is similar to the normal warm milk that we all drink, but pasteurized milk retains a little more nutrition, and many people prefer to drink fresh milk. taste.

As for the price, it is 20.9 yuan for 2 liters, which is equivalent to 2.6 yuan for 250 ml, which is similar to ordinary warm milk, so it is still worth recommending.

4. Chia Tai Fresh Egg

This is the same source as Hema. They are all positive, and they are all non-antibiotic eggs. The price is basically the same, both are 25.8 yuan, 30 pieces, 1.88-1.89 kg.

Compared with other eggs, its shelves are very empty, it should be very popular, and it is also worth buying if you often visit Sam.

5. Frozen salmon pieces

Salmon is a good source of high-quality protein and DHA, but the frozen ones are too expensive. The frozen one is 149 yuan for 1 kilogram, which is equivalent to 1 kilogram of 74.5 Yuan is still acceptable.

Look at its ingredients and nutrition facts list. Although salt is added to the ingredients, the sodium content is only 100 mg/100 g, which is not high at all.

In addition, Sam has another frozen salmon block. I compared it in terms of appearance, and I personally feel that this one is of better quality.

6. Peeled Basa Fish Fillet

High protein and low fat, the sodium content is 375mg/100g, which is not too high. It can better control sodium intake without adding salt when making soup. enter. The key point is that it is easy to make, thawed and cut into pieces and made into tomato basa fish soup, which is quick and nutritious.

Domestic pangasius are mainly imported from Vietnam. The epidemic has restricted imports. The small supermarket near my home has been unable to buy pangasius for a long time. Seeing that Sam has it, the price is also affordable, 75 yuan 4 I bought a big bag.

7. Seaweed

The ingredients are seaweed, corn oil and sesame oil, 100 grams contains 44.6 grams of fat, which is really high in fat,

However, 1 sachet has a total of 7.5 grams, which is 3.345 grams of fat, which is acceptable, and the sodium content of 1 sachet is 24 mg, which is not too high. There are 24 small bags in one big bag, and the price is 69.8 yuan, which is equivalent to 2.9 yuan per small bag. As a small snack, it is not expensive.

8. Grain-fed beef

It is chilled beef. Although grain-fed is generally higher in fat content than grass-fed, this beef has a lot of fat and lean meat. In order to control the intake of saturated fatty acids, you can Cut off the fat before cooking.

The price is 45 yuan per pound, which is similar to that of an ordinary supermarket. You can also buy it when you visit Sam.

9, coconut green

The picture, I forgot to take it, 9 pieces are 79.9 yuan, one is equivalent to 8.9 yuan, which is much cheaper than buying it separately for takeout.

Compared with other fruit juices, its sugar content and energy are lower, the taste is sweet, and it is good to drink occasionally. As for the pulp inside, the saturated fatty acid content is relatively high, or Eat less well.

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Today’s interaction: This is what the nutritionist bought when visiting Sam. What do you recommend or do not recommend, please share in the comment area.