When a girl is confinement, her mother and mother-in-law are not allowed to wash their hair and take a bath. How to solve the joke?

In the past few days, the South has been experiencing high fever. On hot days, people are prone to sweating. If you don’t take a bath for a long time, your body will stink. For people who are confinement after giving birth, this situation is even more serious.

In the past few days, several postpartum girl friends have come to ask me, if they don’t wash their hair or take a bath on such a hot day, they can’t stand it.

However, they want to wash their hair and take a bath, but they are hindered by their mother-in-law or mother. How can they convince their elders to let them take a bath?

There was a media report that a well-known actress did not take a bath for 162 days after giving birth… There is a lot of discussion in the market, can you take a bath and wash your hair during confinement?

In our country, confinement has many bad habits. Most young women know that it is unscientific, but many people will abide by these bad habits under the pressure of mother-in-law or mother.

However, when these young women get older, they will pressure their daughters or daughters-in-law to use the same bad habits. That’s the power of tradition.

This article attempts to decipher how those ancient customs were formed in ancient times, and why they are considered unscientific in modern times.

Medicine has never been purely a natural science, and I do not encourage young women to quarrel with your mother or mother-in-law because of the custom of confinement.

The first tip is to use medical knowledge to communicate with the elders in the family. When it is impossible to communicate, you can learn the practice of this obstetrics and gynecology expert.

Before writing this article, I asked an obstetrician and gynecologist how she did it.

When she gave birth to her second child, she was already a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology in a top medical school affiliated hospital.

However, when she gave birth to her second child, during the confinement period, her mother came to look after her and was stubborn to ask her obstetrician daughter to sit according to what she thought was customary confinement.

Mother’s reason is that she has given birth to 6 children and has experience.

Mom is very stubborn and strong. Does the obstetrician and gynecologist tell her medical reason? This road has been proven unworkable!

Refute the old rules bad habits? The old man will be angry, and the mother and daughter will quarrel. After all, a mother is right when she thinks she loves her daughter the most.

Several times I talked to my mother about medical reasons, but it didn’t make sense, and the communication was ineffective.

Home is not the place to be reasonable! If I reason with my mother again, I’m afraid I’m going to jump around.

Chinese people are all about filial piety, and this reasonable approach doesn’t seem to work.

This doctor’s practice is to listen to her mother obediently.

She wants to wash her hair and spends her mother on grocery shopping. Of course, I can’t let my mother buy the dishes that are easy to buy at home, and order which dishes are difficult to buy.

She wants to take a bath and spends her mother on grocery shopping. After taking a shower, she immediately dries it with a hairdryer…

She wants to blow the air conditioner and spends her mother to buy groceries…

Anyway, taking a bath and washing her hair, the things she should do during the confinement period, have not been left behind. When her mother comes home, these things will be completed long ago.

The daughter is obedient, the mother is happy, and the family is harmonious.

This is the most critical part of what I want to say. In our Chinese tradition, confinement is very similar to religious beliefs. Don’t expect you to learn medical science and it will definitely reverse you. mother or mother-in-law’s opinion.

Family is really not a place for reasoning. Sometimes, reasoning will make the family jump around.

For the sake of family harmony, you can also build the plank road in the dark.

Ok, with that said, let’s get to the point.

In ancient China, there was no modern shower equipment. All households bathed in a tub or a big foot basin. Of course, wealthy people also had baths, but there was no spray equipment.

This is where it matters most.

In short,In ancient times, bathing was a bath.

Girls should never take a bath during confinement, and the same is true during menstruation.

You can imagine that the vagina is still bleeding, the cervix is ​​still open, and the person is soaked in water, and the water may run into the uterus.

This water has bacteria in it. These bacteria will grow in the uterine cavity, then pass through the fallopian tubes, and enter the pelvic cavity, causing pelvic and even abdominal infections.

In ancient times, when there were no antibiotics, this kind of pelvic or abdominal infection was often worse for mothers.

The ancients did not know that bacteria were the cause of disease, but they observed that the disease was associated with bathing. Therefore, the ancients believed that one should not take a bath during confinement.

In addition, in ancient times, there was no heating equipment and no hair dryer. In winter, many mothers were also prone to colds and colds after taking a bath.

In ancient times, there was no medical anatomy, and it was not known that bacteria could invade the pelvis and abdominal cavity through the vagina, uterus and fallopian tubes, causing infection.

The ancients did not know that there was no such invasion route on the scalp, but it has been observed that bathing during confinement will cause illness, so even shampooing is taboo.

Now, our tap water is relatively clean, and the water produced by the waterworks should be checked regularly, and there is not a lot of bacteria.

The most important thing is that we have a shower facility with a spray. When confinement, take a bath, and the water and bacteria will not run from the vagina to the uterus. There is a possibility of infection.

We also have heating equipment. After taking a shower, we can also use a hair dryer to dry our hair in time, and it is not easy to catch a cold.

If you don’t take a bath for a month after giving birth, can you stand the dirty body? Is this punishing the maternity?

In fact, it is also very dangerous for mothers not to take a bath during confinement, because postpartum puerperal infection is also dangerous.

If there is no perineal flushing and no bathing for a month, it is easy to cause puerperal infection, and puerperal infection will often kill people.

During confinement, the mother does not wash her hair or take a bath for a month, the sour smell of her body, and she still needs to breastfeed. Is it because she bullies the baby and does not speak and protest?

However, having said that, there are some advantages to not washing your hair or taking a bath for a month, that is, it can effectively dispel any sexual interest in your husband.

Husbands do not need to deliberately abstain for the health of their wives. After all, when a mother is confinement, she can’t have sex.

Many times, this emotion can be felt for years to come.

Okay, I’ve said all I have to say, when confinement, whether to take a bath or not to take a bath, you have the final say!