What should I do if my hair is oily? The most complete hair care strategy to let you say goodbye to oily hair

A hot search for #hair loves oily or because of heavy humidity# has 9300w readings today. It seems that hair loves oily is really a big problem for young people Heart disease!

Shampoo every night and shine the next day? After washing your bangs and going out, you have “distinct roots” when you get off work? You may have a problem with shampooing and conditioning! Over time, it can also cause hair loss!

Causes of oily hair:

1. Eating greasy: Eating greasy and spicy food can stimulate the sebaceous glands; p>

2. staying up late: staying up late, playing computer for a long time, working hard etc., will affect the endocrine system and aggravate the oily scalp;

3. Wash your hair too often : Frequent shampooing will destroy the oily layer of the scalp and produce more oil;

4. Wrong shampoo: Some moisturizing shampoos don’t control oil well.

The correct way to wash your hair:

1. Comb your hair before washing. Not only can reduce the amount of shampoo, but also reduce the irritation to the scalp;

2. Do not scratch the scalp with your fingertips. Use your fingertips to gently massage the scalp;

3. first Wet hair before shampooing. Rinse until hair is wet before shampooing;

4. Lather the shampoo first . Pour the shampoo in the palm of your hand, add water to lather and apply it to the hair to reduce irritation to the scalp;

5. Do not apply conditioner to scalp. At least 2 cm away from the scalp;

6. The conditioner should not stay for too long< /span>. After applying conditioner, hold your hair in a hot towel and rinse it off after 3 minutes;

7. Wash your hair with lukewarm water. When washing your hair, the water temperature should not be overheated, 40 ℃ is the best;

8. Do not immediately after washing Use a hair dryer. Drain the water with a towel or let it dry until half dry, then blow dry.

You can do a head massage when washing your hair, which can well promote the blood circulation of the head, and also has a good effect on reducing the secretion of oil .