What should I do if my hair is often oily? Doctor reminds: let your hair say goodbye to greasy, 6 things need to be done in place

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As the saying goes, Everyone has a love for beauty. Whether they are men or women, they are very concerned about their personal image. When going out, in addition to dressing up, they will also put on a delicate makeup, even their hair. Doing the right cleaning will keep your hair looking fresh and flowing, adding personal image and poise and boosting self-confidence.

And in today’s interpersonal communication, hair is also a standard line. Whether it is a party, work or meeting friends, you will wash your hair in advance to let the hair down. Hair stays dry.

But nowadays, hair quality problems make more and more people feel distressed. Hair is always greasy, even if it secretes a lot after washing every day Grease, which makes people look unhygienic and especially sloppy. What is going on in this situation? Is it a disease signal from the body? It is recommended that you know in advance.

Good hair, why is it oily?

1. Often stay up late

< span>Nowadays, with the accelerated pace of life, the pressure of work and life is getting bigger and bigger. Persistence in this high-pressure state for a long time, working overtime and staying up late or taking the initiative to stay up late to use mobile phones will lead to disorders of the biological clock, endocrine disorders, and insufficient energy for the body. Rest and adjustment, is the physical health is affected.

After being in this vicious circle for a long time, it will lead to endocrine disorders, and the hair will also secrete a lot of oil, As a result, the hair is always greasy and greasy. At this time, you must actively adjust your personal work and rest to improve.

2. Not choosing the right shampoo

In the case of a lot of hair oil secretion, it may be that the correct shampoo is not selected. When choosing a shampoo, everyone should carry out a reasonable cleaning according to their own hair quality. and selection.

For oily hair, it is necessary to choose an oil-controlling shampoo to achieve a dry effect. There are also many people who secrete a lot of oil in their hair, but in the process of washing their hair, the water temperature is not well controlled, or they do not choose a shampoo with good oil control effect, but choose a moisturizing type, which will cause the hair to get greasy the more it is washed.

3. Changes in mental state

The hair is often greasy and greasy, so don’t think it’s a very simple and trivial matter, because the long-term work and life pressure will also cause this impact.

Therefore, I remind everyone that in daily life, we must learn to control personal emotions and maintain a peaceful and optimistic attitude. It is the premise of maintaining human health.

If everyone is under the negative emotions of tension, anxiety and boredom for a long time, it will lead to endocrine disorders. , it will make the scalp oil secretion, abnormal metabolism, and the hair will secrete more oil in the follow-up, resulting in a greasy feeling.

4. Genetic factors

Some people’s hair is always oily, which may also be related to genetic factors, such as body height and appearance, which may be determined by genetic factors. In addition, if parents have greasy hair.

Exclude the influence of pathological factors. If it is a genetic factor, you don’t need to worry too much, as long as you do a reasonable daily cleaning and control oil correctly That’s it.

5. Improper use of conditioner.

Conditioner is also an important step after every wash, by using conditioner It can keep the hair soft and shiny, and if you use the conditioner improperly, it will also cause hair problems.

Many people apply conditioner directly to the scalp, but I can’t say that this is a very wrong practice Yes, the conditioner is applied directly on the scalp, it is easier toImproper cleaning is prone to cause the hair to get oily too quickly.

What should I do if my hair is often oily? Doctor’s Reminder: Say Goodbye to Greasy Hair, 6 Things You Need to Do

[1]Reduce the frequency of washing your hair

In life, many people may have such a misunderstanding. They always feel that the more oily their hair is, the more often they should wash their hair and cannot comb it. This is also Very wrong approach.

Frequent shampooing may cause the hair to secrete too much oil, because the scalp has a protective film, and frequent shampooing will lead to this. The layer protective film is damaged and cannot play a protective role.

Therefore, it is recommended that you do not wash your hair frequently in your life, but wash your hair 2~3 times a week. If it is hot in summer, you will sweat More, you can keep it in 1 to 2 days to wash, when washing your hair, apply the conditioner to the ends of the hair, try not to apply it on the roots and scalp, it is more helpful to reduce the oily situation of the hair.

[2] stay up late

As we mentioned above, staying up late for a long time leads to disorders of the biological clock and endocrine disorders, and the skin will secrete a lot of oil, which will cause the hair to be too greasy. In addition to the hair, face, and skin, it will also feel greasy.

So this reminds everyone to ensure reasonable and adequate work and rest habits in daily life, and to enter the deep Sleep state, at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day, is more helpful to maintain endocrine balance.

[3]Shampoo with lemon juice

If you want to relieve the problem of oily hair, you can also use lemon juice to wash your hair in your daily life.

Squeeze the lemon into juice, add water to dilute it and use it to wash the hair, which can effectively reduce inflammation and sterilization, and remove excessive It may be possible to use the oil for a few times, and it may have a good effect.

[4]Use conditioner properly

For friends with oily hair, when choosing shampoo and conditioner daily, you must choose oily hair according to your hair type, choose oil-controlling shampoo, and use conditioner correctly and reasonably .

For women with oily skin, choose a conditioner that has a shrinking function as much as possible, which can improve the secretion of people’s hair oil, and also Make your own conditioner, use a pot of warm water to dilute the vinegar, and then wash your hair directly with this pot of water to effectively reduce the secretion of head oil.

[5]A reasonable diet

For people with oily skin, they should also pay more attention to their daily diet, and try to stay away from high-fat, high-greasy, spicy and irritating foods.

The diet should be as light and balanced as possible, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and usually add more water, effectively moisturizing cells and reducing oil If necessary, it can also be supplemented with vitamin B2, vitamin B6, and other vitamin tablets.

[6]Wash your hair properly

< span>Remind everyone to master the correct and scientific method when washing hair daily, and pay attention to cleaning and massaging the scalp when washing hair.

By washing the scalp, it can effectively remove the oil in the pores, keep it dry, and relieve the excessive secretion of oil. It is recommended that you wash your hair When using, the water temperature must be appropriate, to avoid too hot water will stimulate the secretion of hair oil.