What kind of medicine is used to treat canker disease of “Houqiang Grape Seedling Base” Sunshine Rose Grape Seedling?

Sun Rose Grape Canker:

Sun Rose Grape Canker Can Damage Grape Fruit , branches, causing the tree to weaken or even die. Harmful fruits appear as rotten granules, symptoms begin to appear during the discoloration period, black-brown spots appear on the cob, and the stem develops downward, leading to drying of the fruit stem, which causes the fruit to rot and fall off, and sometimes the fruit does not fall off, and gradually shrinks with drying; A large number of gray-white fusiform spots appear on the spots, there are many black spots on the spots, and the branch tube bundles of the laterally cut diseased branches turn brown, especially the branches and internodes.

Sunshine rose grape seedling canker law:

Bacteria can Overwinter and summer in branches, diseased fruit and other diseased tissues. Under the right conditions, conidia can be spread to any part of the orchard by air currents, as well as by water currents or raindrop splashes and irrigation water. The bacteria are primarily infected through wounds created by pruning branches. Weak trees and heavy loads of sun rose vineyards are prone to disease.

Sunshine rose grape seedling canker control methods:

Remove diseased tissue in the field in time and destroy it centrally. Strengthen cultivation management, strictly control yield, scientifically manage fertilizer and water, improve tree vigor, and enhance plant disease resistance. After removing diseased branches or fruit thinning, timely drug treatment of the incision. Commonly used drugs are: Fumei Shuang wet powder 50% 1500 times, Zijunqing wet powder 70% 800 times, flusilazole EC 40% 1500 times.