What kind of good photos can you take with your mobile phone?

What can be photographed with a mobile phone photo? someone asked.

You can still take some good photos with your phone. As long as good light and shadow, plus good eyesight. The afternoon sun hit the lawn at the foot of Gelao Mountain in the High-tech Zone, the light and shadow alternated, and the sky was blue. The buildings of Hanyu Jingu and Shuntai Plaza were photographed together. The city is so beautiful.

Yes With this ray of light, no matter how you shoot it, it looks good.

Take a look The contrast between Paige Laoshan and the lawn. It feels pretty good too.

onto the lawn View from the top. Also entered the landscape.

Cozy stroll on the lawn, It was originally a landscape.

The light will give people a feeling.


Three people sitting on the lawn, thinking differently different.

The rich green, the top of the big hill on the pavilion.

This winter afternoon is very warm.

One point See the world with five eyes

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