What is your usual method for low immunity?

Increasing yang qi in traditional Chinese medicine means enhancing immunity. “Immunity” is a term used in modern medicine. Traditional Chinese medicine does not use this word. Immunity is to strengthen the body and increase the body’s yang.

“Ephedra Soup” and “Guizhi Soup” are good recipes for strengthening the righteousness and eliminating the evil spirits. They can stimulate the righteousness inside and drive the evilness out of the body outside. There are neither internal worries nor external troubles, and it is happy.

We use “Mahuang Tang” and “Guizhi Tang” to relieve the external cold pathogen, which is faster than any other treatment method. Stimulate the human body to achieve the righteousness.

Zhang Zhongjing is the one who can make the recipe so perfect. Guizhi Decoction comes from “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”. It is the first prescription in the article of “Treatise on Febrile Diseases”. In addition, it is so useful that it is also called the first prescription for typhoid fever in later generations.

The original text of the Treatise on Febrile Diseases is, “The sun is apoplexy, the yang is floating and the yin is weak. Those with floating yang, heat spontaneously; those with weak yin, sweat spontaneously. Those who suffer from aversion to wind, fever, snoring and retching, use Guizhi Decoction.”

A little afraid of cold, wind, runny nose, a little fever, and a little dryness Vomiting, maybe even sweating a bit at times. It is written very vividly, and this is the type of cold that Guizhi Tang is aimed at.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that people have two types of Qi, Wei Qi and Ying Qi. “In the line of business, outside the line of defense”. The “mai” here refers not to meridians, but to blood vessels.

The vital energy flowing with blood in the blood vessels is called Ying Qi; while the vital energy between the muscles and tissues outside the blood vessels is called Wei Qi. For a person with sparse skin, when he is exposed to wind and cold, his skin’s resistance is not very good. When the wind blows, it will cross the skin’s defense. “Fengshangwei”, cold pathogens enter the body surface, at this time, it is necessary to organize the first defensive counterattack to expel the cold air on the body surface through sweating; prevent cold pathogens from continuing to invade the inside. This is the difference between TCM and Western medicine.