What is the meaning of multiple nodules in the lungs? Is it dangerous? The doctor can help you solve the nodule problem

Xiao Liu’s lungs were found to have 5 nodules of different sizes, and he was diagnosed with multiple pulmonary nodules. He couldn’t eat or sleep well every day, and he always felt that he had a “time bomb” in his body. “.

Doubt you have so many nodules in your body, is it cancer metastasis?

I explained that each of the multiple nodules in both lungs is different, so it is not a cancerous metastasis of the nodule.

For example, some nodules are four or five millimeters in size, and the ground glass texture is very light; some are calcified, like stones, completely hard and will not harm the human body.

By comparing her films in 2018, 2019, and 2020, I found that all 5 nodules have not much change, and the nodules are not serious .

The worst looking nodule is 1cm in size, but because it has not changed for more than two years, it means that it is not dangerous, if it is Cancerous nodules have grown very large in 2 years and will spread. This is also the purpose of regular observation of the dynamic changes of nodules.

Finally, considering Xiao Liu’s psychological pressure, we still remove nodules with a size of 1cm through surgery, and the other small nodules were also removed during the surgery. .

Of course, different patients have different conditions, and the treatment strategy for multiple nodules in both lungs is different for everyone.

Some may suggest surgery, some may suggest observation, some may suggest one surgery, some may suggest multiple surgeries, and so on. Therefore, for patients with multiple nodules in both lungs, individualized treatment should be performed.

Many patients find themselves suffering from multiple pulmonary nodules during physical examinations and are very concerned. Not sure what disease you have? Also wondering if multiple nodules are much more serious than single nodules? Could it be a malignant tumor? Next, I will explain it to you.

What is multiple pulmonary nodules?

Multiple pulmonary nodules are nodular dense opacities with clear borders in both lungs, also known as “spots” seen on CT or chest X-rays, with

strong>Diffuse distribution characteristics.

There can be two or more, and they can be large or small, with or without cavities, most of these nodules are diameter


Is multiple pulmonary nodules worse than a single nodule? Is it malignant?

Pulmonary nodules are very common diseases of the lungs. Middle-aged people are the most common pulmonary nodules, and women are slightly more common than men. Some patients feel that multiple nodules in the lungs are more serious and difficult to treat than single nodules.

Although multiple nodules in the lungs have more factors to consider, it does not mean that it is more serious than a single nodule.

In life, to determine whether a nodule is benign or malignant, it can only be determined by CT examination. In most cases, the nature cannot be more accurately determined, and follow-up review is required.

①In terms of multiple solid nodules, once the nodule is less than 6 mm, there is no need to pay too much attention to low-risk patients.

②If it is a high-risk group, such as a long-term smoker and a genetic history, re-examination after 1 year is required.

③If the size of the nodule is 6 mm~8 mm, it needs to be reexamined every six months, and further observation or extended reexamination should be carried out according to the specific changes of the nodule time.

④If the nodule>8 mm, it needs to be reviewed every 3 months, and the specific condition of the nodule should be recorded.

In short, patients with multiple pulmonary nodules do not need to pay too much attention, correct treatment, and most of the multiple nodules in the lungs are benign.

How should multiple pulmonary nodules be treated?

For the treatment of multiple pulmonary nodules:

①Nodules less than one centimeter can continue to be observed and revisited once every 3 months or a year.

②If more than one centimeter may consider surgery.

③ For very few nodules with obvious malignant transformation and high risk, surgical resection should be performed in time.

Of course, it is best to consult a specialist to determine which nodules need to be cut in time and which ones can be observed. In general, most nodules do not need to be treated, and regular review is required.