What is the difference between sugar substitutes and ordinary sugars? What are the effects of sugar substitutes on the human body? Learn in one article!

It has both the sweetness of sugar and the energy reduction of sugar, The intake of sugar has made many young people seem to no longer have to worry about eating sugar. However, is it really safe to choose sugar substitutes? How to choose sugar substitutes reasonably?

For some special groups, sugar substitute is a good choice. For example, diabetic patients who are very eager for sweets, moderate sugar substitutes can help them satisfy their cravings and meet their needs for happiness in life. However, nutritional sugar substitutes, such as xylitol, are also a type of carbohydrates. Although they have little effect on blood sugar, eating too much will also bring health risks. Diabetics should not eat too much.

What are the effects of sugar substitutes on the human body?

The impact of sugar substitutes on the human body is multi-faceted. Although sugar substitutes themselves do not produce any energy, long-term excessive intake of sugar substitutes may have the following adverse effects on the human body:


First, regular consumption of sugar substitutes will affect hormone secretion in the body. Sugar substitutes have a higher sweetness than regular sugars. When the human body ingests sugar substitutes, the brain mistakenly thinks that the body has ingested a lot of sugar, so it starts to secrete insulin. However, when insulin builds up, it does not wait for the expected glucose. Over time, the body’s signal to secrete insulin becomes more and more sluggish, and cells also become resistant to insulin, reducing fat breakdown and increasing synthesis, resulting in weight gain and blood sugar rise, leading to obesity, diabetes, etc.

Do sugar substitutes cause glycation in the body?

The so-called “glycation” usually refers to certain structures in glucose and fructose, which react with substances such as collagen in the human body to produce advanced glycation end products ( AGEs), which can contribute to the effects of sugar on skin aging, and possibly other health problems.

Theoretically, sugar substitutes generally do not have such a structural basis, and some in vitro studies suggest that artificial Sweeteners do not promote the glycation process, and some sweeteners have anti-glycation potential. However, there is still a lack of sufficient and robust research.

3 tips for safe eating

> Neither sugar nor sugar substitutes can be “sweet”. To balance taste and health, it is recommended to do the following:

  • Control Amount

According to the recommendations of “Dietary Guidelines for Chinese Residents (2016)”, control the intake of added sugars, no more than 50 grams per day, It is best to control it within 25 grams.

  • see label /strong>

  • China’s laws and regulations require that all food packaging be marked with a nutrient composition table, indicating the content of energy, protein, fat, carbohydrate and sodium, as well as the daily reference amount of these nutrients. %.

    The general nutrition table is in units of 100 grams or 100 milliliters, and the energy and sugar content can be easily calculated based on the total amount of food consumed.


    • small packaging

    Nowadays, many businesses have launched low-sugar biscuits, soft drinks, chocolates, and some products in small packages. These are good choices for people to enjoy.

    All in all

    Eating sweet food can soothe the mood

    make people feel happy and improve happiness

    It is safe to try sugar substitutes occasionally

    but not too much

    for “sweet mate” sugar substitutes

    To be objective

    Moderate and scientific consumption

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