What is the best supplement to eat in dog days? It is it, it is the first melon in summer

[Source: Qianjiang Evening News]

In the hot summer, vegetables, melons and fruits are ripening one after another. To say the most suitable vegetables for summer, loofah will definitely occupy a seat, but there are also some that are not. Few people will call loofah “the first melon for health in summer”.

Crispy, juicy loofahs are well-liked, but many people who don’t like the bite of loofah may hate its slightly gooey texture.

In fact, from a health perspective: as a seasonal food, eating loofah will be better for your health. Contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, crude fiber, calcium, phosphorus, iron, citrulline, riboflavin and other B vitamins, vitamin C, and contains the component contained in ginseng – saponins. It is a common vegetable in summer. It is delicious and smooth. Cool, suitable for all ages, rich in nutrients, and quite medicinal value.

whitening and anti-aging

vitamins, minerals, plant mucilage, xylan and other substances contained in loofah. The vitamin B1 it contains can prevent skin aging, and vitamin C can whiten the skin, so eating loofah can make the skin white and tender. The juice of the loofah cane has the special function of maintaining skin elasticity and can beautify and remove wrinkles.

Antivirus, allergy

Luffa extract has obvious preventive effect on Japanese encephalitis virus, and a kind of loofah is also extracted in tissue culture liquid of loofah. With anti-allergic substances, purgative alkyd, has a strong anti-allergic effect.

clearing heat and detoxifying

In summer, the temperature is high, followed by heat toxin. At this time, many people will also get angry and irritable , In the case of irritability, you might as well eat a little loofah, which can clear away heat well, and is also good for detoxification.

Assist to lose weight

Obese people think that they can lose weight better, so they will go on a diet to lose weight. Especially in summer, through scientific weight loss, the effect will be better. You can eat some loofah to lose weight. The calorie of loofah is very low, so you don’t have to worry about getting fat.

Promote fetal development

Pregnant women can eat loofah, which can help absorb vitamin B. This substance is particularly beneficial to the brain development of the fetus. Health care is excellent.

Promoting defecation

In summer, because of unscientific diet, eating a lot of high-calorie foods will lead to constipation. At this time, it is also good to eat loofah, which can improve the body’s metabolic capacity and continuously promote the secretion of digestive juice. The xylose gum in the loofah is very good for promoting intestinal peristalsis and excretion of stool, allowing you to effectively avoid constipation.

The whole body of the loofah is a treasure

Lu You in the middle of the Southern Song Dynasty recorded in the “Notes of Lao Xue’an”: “The loofah is washed with polyester and inkstone, and the remaining stains are all stained. It is clean without damaging the inkstone.” Du Beishan’s poem “Song of Loofah” in Song Dynasty said: “The sound of a lonely hedgerow entering the spring, even if you don’t see the mountain’s face, it will clear itself. After a few days of rain and clear autumn, the grass grows, and the loofah grows along the upper tile wall.” According to the Ming Dynasty “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Luffa gourd was planted in the Tang Dynasty more than 1,300 years ago.

Luffa gourd is indeed an all-round vegetable! Melon flower, melon vine, melon root, melon network… all have different effects.

➤ The dried fiber made from dried old loofah is called loofah, which is good at dredging collaterals and can relieve qi and blood obstruction dizziness, chest pain and other problems caused by stagnation.

➤ Luffa vine is often used to clear the tendons and activate collaterals, expectorate phlegm and relieve cough. Expert research has found that the sap of the loofah cane has special functions of beauty and wrinkle reduction.

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➤ Luffa granules can be used to treat irregular menstruation, persistent low back pain, laxative bowel movements, and jaundice due to food accumulation.

➤ Luffa rind treats sores and boils; loofah flower clears heat and detoxifies.< /p>

➤ The loofah leaves are taken orally to clear summer heat and relieve fever, and externally used to reduce inflammation and sterilization, and treat prickly heat and carbuncle sores.

➤ The loofah root also has the effects of anti-inflammatory, bactericidal, saprophytic and muscle-building.

< p>(Source: Hangzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine)

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