What is the best age for a girl to have her first period? For the sake of children, learn about

Every parent wants their child to grow up healthy and happy. If the child suffers from a certain disease, it is a heart-wrenching experience as a parent.

Children are prone to many sudden embarrassments in the process of development. Menarche will be ushered in, and their psychology will change at this time.

After women enter puberty, parents need to pay more attention to the physical changes of their children, especially the first menstruation of girls If the age of menstruation is too early or too late, it will have an impact on the body.


At what age is it normal for a girl to have her period?

If menstruation occurs earlier than girls of the same age It is closely related to factors such as environment and diet. Generally speaking, the age of menarche for girls in my country is about 13 to 15 years old, and a few may be 10 to 12 years old, or as late as 16 to 17 years old.

Nowadays, children’s bodies are constantly developing, generally earlier than previous children, and menstruation is normal at the age of 10 kind of thing.


Why is menarche blood brown?

Every woman will experience the physiological phenomenon of menstruation when they reach a certain age, and women’s menstruation proves that they have In puberty, many girls are prone to brown menstrual blood when they first menstruate.

This is a normal phenomenon. Generally, there is blood stasis in menarche, so the color of menarche will appear brown. Because the child is young and the menstrual regulation ability is not perfect, it is prone to the symptoms of abnormal menstrual color and abdominal pain.

When a little girl has just experienced menarche, the time and color of her period will be different. At this time, the mother needs to explain this phenomenon to the child, so that the child should not be afraid.


What symptoms will a girl have on her first period?

1. Feeling depressed< /span>

Girls have precocious puberty, and a series of changes will occur in their bodies. During the first menstrual period, the mood will be irritable, and the body will also experience discomfort. Coupled with too much attention from peers and friends, serious psychological phenomena will occur.

Severely affect the child’s psychological problems, make the child appear impatient and depressed, and make the character more withdrawn.

2. Affects height

The arrival of the menstrual period will affect the normal development of the child. With the arrival of the menstrual period, the child’s bones will also be affected.There is a gap compared with the age, because the menstrual cycle is shortened, and there is not enough time in the body to develop, which eventually affects the height.

If the child is too short, he will be ridiculed by his classmates, excluded from life and school, and talk about marriage. Marriage will also be affected.


What should girls pay attention to during menstrual holidays?

First: Teach them to use sanitary pads properly strong>

As a parent, especially a mother, when you see your child menstruation, you must teach them carefully, and mothers need to teach girls Teach them how to use sanitary napkins correctly, tell them the precautions, and change sanitary napkins every 2 to 3 hours to prevent bacteria from invading the body.

Second: Be sure to tell them these few words

When the first menstruation occurs, the mother can give the child psychological comfort, baby don’t worry, this is every The things that girls need to experience, come to the period to show that you have grown up, and my baby will be more beautiful in the future, but you need to resist temptation. If you have any difficulties, you must tell your parents that your parents are your strongest backing.

Third: protect yourself in the future p>

During menarche, the body will have obvious changes, the chest and hips will become larger, the waist will become thinner, and it will become more sexy and charming. The child of the child needs to protect himself, do not show his private parts to the opposite sex at will, there must be a distinction between men and women, as a mother, you must guide your children correctly, learn to protect yourself, and establish a correct concept for your children.

Fourth: Don’t eat cold during menstrual holidays< /span>

Women during menstruation have poor immunity, and are prone to fever, cold, and infection at this time. For the health of ovaries and uterus, Girls during menstruation should not eat cold food or touch cold water.

Eating raw and cold food will increase the body’s cold, the chance of uterine cold, increase dysmenorrhea, and make menstrual blood unable to Normal discharge, often accumulated in the body, prone to accumulation of garbage toxins, life-threatening, easy to induce uterine infection and the risk of ovarian infection.

For the health of the child, the mother must tell the child clearly.

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