What is methylcobalamin used for? Why is methylcobalamin restricted? here comes the answer

Introduction: Many people know the drug methylcobalamin, but most of them know it from the prescription prescribed by the doctor, but many people don’t know it at all What exactly is methylcobalamin a drug for.

Methylcobalamin is actually a kind of coenzyme B12, which is the premise of vitamin B12 and can bring regulation The role of nerve and trophic nerve function.

In fact, methylcobalamin has a very powerful effect in treating many diseases, so since methylcobalamin has Such miraculous medicinal effects are so widely used, why are they restricted in use now?

Is methylcobalamin and vitamin B12 the same thing?

Vitamin B12 is a component of B vitamins, and it is also a relatively complex vitamin that can be shared and inactive.

The hydroxocobalamin and cyanocobalamin are both inactive, and the formazan Cobalamin and adenosylcobalamin are active coenzymes, and the body can use these two coenzymes to participate in various life activities of the body.

In other words, vitamin B12 contains methylcobalamin, but because it passes through the body Metabolism can decompose this methylcobalamin to participate in various activities in the body.

And methylcobalamin can be directly used by the body, and can effectively promote further tissue repair for treat certain diseases.

So through this we can see that vitamin B12 and methylcobalamin are actually not the same thing, and Not the same drug.

A What is cobalamin used for?

Treatment of peripheral neuropathy

If diabetes is not well controlled, it will easily lead to complications, such as peripheral neuropathy.

Generally patients will feel muscle atrophy and numb limbs. Solved, can improve metabolic substances, and can repair nerve cells.

Treatment of neurodermatitis

For patients with neurodermatitis, methylcobalamin can also be used to improve, and combined with other ointments for the treatment of neurodermatitis, it can effectively relieve the body It can also relieve itching easily.

Treatment of megaloblastic anemia< /p>

Methylcobalamin can help improve the number of specific cells in people’s bodies, thereby helping to improve anemia.

There are some long-term vegetarian People with vitamin B12 deficiency are very likely to have problems. After supplementing with methylcobalamin, this anemia problem can also be effectively solved.

Retinal Neuropathy

People with high blood sugar levels will also suffer certain damage to the retinal nerves. This is because there are many tiny blood vessels on the retina, and the blood sugar concentration in them is too high, which will easily cause certain harm to the retina and bring Problems with damaged retinal nerves.

For this type of patients, methylcobalamin can also be used for treatment, and recovery is possible Eye vision can also help relieve eye fatigue.

Why is methylcobalamin restricted? Here comes the answer

【The difference between oral and injection】

The use of methylcobalamin is actually limited to injections, not oral drugs, because oral drugs can easily irritate the stomach, but the probability of mild adverse symptoms is low Less than 1%.

The injections are generally injected into the muscle or intravenously, and the additives in it will bring blood vessels It is very stimulating and affects blood circulation, so it is also strictly restricted.

【Methylcobalamin binds to mercury】

We have mentioned methylcobalamin and vitamin B12 in the above content. A member of the B vitamin family.

B vitamins will chemically react with mercury to produce harmful substances that are harmful to health.

Therefore, you must avoid such problems when using it, and strictly control the corresponding dosage when taking methylcobalamin.

【not applicable to all patients】

Vitamin B12 is a very mild drug that can be transformed by the body and is most suitable for supplementing the body, but methylcobalamin acts directly on the body Yes, it’s not suitable for everyone.

Especially teenagers and infants whose nervous system is relatively fragile, take it frequently in a short period of time Methylcobalamin, it is very likely that the individual’s nerves will be affected accordingly.

So although the role and curative effect of methylcobalamin are very comprehensive and extensive, but there is indeed methylcobalamin limited problem.

Injections have also been strictly restricted, because if you take methylcobalamin in this way , it is likely to stimulate the health of the body and affect the health of blood vessels, so it is not recommended to supplement methylcobalamin by injection.

Can methylcobalamin be taken for a long time?

Methylcobalamin is a kind of drug. After all, it is a three-point drug. If it is taken for a long time, it will definitely bring corresponding side effects to the body.

If the condition is more serious, such as severe peripheral nerve disease, if you do not take methylcobalamin It is easy to make the disease more serious.

So if the situation is not particularly serious, it is not recommended that you take methylcobalamin for a long time. In life, the body can also be conditioned by food supplements.

In our daily life, many foods are rich in formazanCobalamin, such as chicken, animal liver, beef, pork, milk, fish, eggs, etc., you can eat more at ordinary times.

Which patients need to take methylcobalamin?

1. Diabetics often take hypoglycemic drugs, such as metformin This drug will easily affect the absorption of methylcobalamin. You can take it appropriately, but don’t overdose for a long time;

< span>2. Long-term drinkers will inhibit the absorption of vitamin B12 in the body, which will easily lead to the lack of vitamin B12 in the body , You can usually supplement methylcobalamin through food supplements.

Three precautions for oral administration of methylcobalamin, understand clearly

Pay attention to dark storage

Methylcobalamin has strong medicinal activity, especially those who are sensitive to light stimulation, and blue light will easily cause methylcobalamin drugs The efficiency is reduced or lost, so it is necessary to pay attention to dark storage.

Adverse reactions should be dealt with scientifically< /p>

Patients taking methylcobalamin may be prone to gastrointestinal discomfort such as vomiting and diarrhea, and corresponding adverse reactions such as rash.

But the general symptoms are relatively mild, and can be effectively relieved after stopping the drug. If the symptoms are severe, you need to seek medical attention immediately while stopping the drug.

Pay attention to drug allergies Reaction

Although the probability of drug allergic reaction is relatively low, methylcobalamin is still There is a possibility of allergies.

So when taking methylcobalamin, once numbness of hands and feet, itchy skin, rash, shortness of breath, etc. appear If you have an allergic reaction, you need to stop the drug immediately and send to the hospital for corresponding treatment.

Conclusion: All in all, methylcobalamin and vitamin B12 are not the same drug, and injection methylcobalamin is Restricted use is also because of its relatively large side effects, which are likely to cause harm to health, which is also a threat to health. It is recommended that you use methylcobalamin correctly and reasonably, and pay attention to abnormal reactions after taking it, so that you can Better protect personal health.