What is it like to be a resident in a hospital? A day in the life of a resident

7 a.m.

The first operation today is this case wrong! Before the shift in the morning, I will take a closer look at the medical records.

I will definitely be able to catch all the questions thrown by the old doctor and amaze everyone… p>

✔9AM< /p>

Teacher, are you asking me a question? !


Senior sister, this medical history is a bit complicated, you can help me take a look~

Oh, this is the patient I managed last year, and I am very impressed. Come and tell you…

Wait for me to jot down…hey~ Where’s my pen?


Oh my god!

I actually heard… the galloping rhythm! ! !

✔ 12 noon

I heard that the hospital cafeteria has launched a new special dish. After a hard day, I have to make up for it!

1 pm

Children, why don’t you take a nap?

Uncle, I can’t always paint this part of the painting, can you help me?

Well, no problem…but next time don’t call me uncle, just call me brother?

Okay, uncle!

✔ 4pm

The little guy is really hungry!


Eat more when you’re hungry


✔ 7pm

Our hospital is so close to Beihai Park, let’s relax and run after get off work~

Let me tell you, I have only seen the case today in books before!

Yes, let’s go back and check the literature later!

Didn’t we agree to dance with Liu Genghong together…

11pm< /span>

Tonight’s rescue is really thrilling, and finally succeeded, I’m really happy!

Yeah, this is my first time to participate in the rescue, and the old doctors are really calm.

Let’s see it before we get off work Check the patient’s condition.

Ok, wait for me, this doctor’s order will be issued immediately! p>

3am Click

I have a baby, look at how cute it is, and post it with my mom!