What is Grain Rain Tea? The best time to pick Grain Rain tea

The Grain Rain solar term belongs to spring, and spring tea is the time of the year when the quality of tea is the best. Grain Rain tea originates from the picking time of tea leaves, which coincides with the twenty-four solar terms. A Grain Rain. Next, the editor will introduce to you what is Guyu tea? The best time to pick Guyu tea?

What is the best time to pick Guyu Tea

What is Guyu Tea:

Guyu tea is a spring tea picked during the Grain Rain season (the new tea picked before the rain is called “Yuqian tea”), also known as Erchun tea. Spring tea is divided into two batches, one is the Qingming season, and the other is the Grain Rain season. Therefore, the Grain Rain tea is also called the Erchun tea.

Guyu tea, moistened by rain and dew, is rich in nutrients and has a compelling aroma. In addition to the tender buds, it also has one bud and one tender leaf or one bud and two tender leaves; the tea leaves with one bud and one tender leaf are soaked in water like an ancient spear with a flag unfolding, which is called a flag spear; one bud and two tender leaves are called flag spears. Leaf tea is Sanchun tea like a sparrow’s tongue, called sparrow tongue; and Qingming tea “Lianxin” is the same as the best product of the year.

Best time to pick grain rain tea:

The best time to pick grain rain tea should be the grain rain season. Mining is generally in the early and mid-April, and the two solar terms of Grain Rain Tea (April 19 to 21 every year are regarded as Grain Rain), the specific time is related to the climate.

Guyu tea is generally harvested on sunny days, but not on rainy days. Usually picked in the morning, picked at noon, and finished on the same day. Moreover, the dry tea made from the fresh tea leaves picked on this day is the real grain rain tea, and it has to be picked in the morning.