What exactly does a vitiligo test look for? Missing these is equivalent to doing nothing

Every spring is the peak of vitiligo examination. Do you think vitiligo examination is important? Important!

Statistics show that the common characteristics of spring vitiligo are:Initial, recurrent.

In clinical practice, there are many special comprehensive examinations, in Vitiligo can be detected at an early stage and at an early stage of recurrence, so that only a small amount of time and cost can be used to treat cases of re-pigmentation.

It can be seen that vitiligo examination is a very necessary and important thing.

Vitiligo examination, clinically significant

Some people may ask:Vitiligo is a skin disease, why do you need a professional examination? In fact, it is to investigate the cause and condition of .

“Examination is a prerequisite for vitiligo treatment, By examining the type of vitiligo, understanding the etiology and development of the disease, so as to carry out targeted treatment, the vitiligo can be successfully controlled and recolored.” p>

Avoid misdiagnosis:

The early symptoms of vitiligo are not typical, and it is easy to be associated with a variety of skin diseases, such as Confusions such as tinea pedis, anemia nevus, and nonpigmented nevus can easily lead to misdiagnosis just by visual observation, which is harmful to the treatment of the disease and has no benefit. Therefore, a professional and comprehensive examination is very important.

Avoiding risks:

In fact, every inspection of vitiligo, in addition to laying the foundation for treatment, is also avoiding treatment risk.

For example: Some inspection items can not only find potential common lesions in the viscera and blood, but also detect liver and kidney dysfunction, For patients with other immune diseases, more appropriate treatment methods should be developed to reduce the impact on the body, and the treatment should be more specific to the cause and symptom.

I understand the importance of inspections, but how can an effective and relatively accurate inspection of vitiligo be performed? Probably most people don’t know.

Counting common inspection items for vitiligo

What exactly should be checked for vitiligo? Don’t miss out on these checks!

1. Wood lamp inspection

Determination of vitiligo Type, check the degree of melanin damage in the epidermis, and find out whether there is a hidden leukoplakia;

2. Trace element inspection

More than 90% of vitiligo patients lack trace elements, especially copper. This test is one of the important means to find out the cause of vitiligo.

3. Immune function test

Through the immune function test, it is possible to accurately understand the patient itself The immune status is convenient for the treatment of the cause and avoids the occurrence of various concomitant immune diseases.

4. Blood routine analysis

Most vitiligo patients have anemia in blood routine test. Decreased white blood cells and platelets.

5. Routine urine examination

Detect whether there are some viruses and cell abnormalities in the body, Ease of medication and treatment.

6. Two tests of liver and kidney function

Liver is an important part of human metabolism In part, this test can determine whether the patient’s liver and kidney function is damaged, so as to make a safe and effective treatment plan.

Vitiligo is not a common skin disease. The significance of a comprehensive examination is to find out the cause and treat the symptoms. If there is no treatment for the cause and the symptoms, the condition will not be relieved but will be stimulated and aggravated, which will not only cause greater mental pressure on the patient, but also There is also a great loss to the personal economy.

Examination is the premise of vitiligo treatment and the basis for restoring healthy skin tone. One examination can bring 10 points of treatment benefits: improve the efficiency of whitening and shorten the course of whitening.

However, the results of one test may not be valid for a long time, so it is recommended that patients and friends review regularly.