What do people who sleep naked for a long time gain? Give it a try, it has these benefits for boys and girls

Sleeping naked is known as “first class sleep”

They say they can sleep better and more comfortable

Actually, sleeping naked has risks you can’t imagine!

No, we interviewed several naked sleeping lovers

Let them talk about how dangerous it can be to sleep naked!

01 The Encounter of Zhang Liming

(Bear kid broke into my house)

02 Du Xiaomi’s experience

(ruined a sheet, and a good night’s dream)

03 Sun Xiaoguo’s encounter

(I trust that hotel too much)

04 The Encounter of Wang Ergou

(Show affection, negative points are thicker!)

05 The Encounter of Wen Pudding

(It’s hard to say!)

We did a small poll ourselves

Sleeping naked every day and watching the mood naked

But that’s half of it!

It seems that there are still many people who like to sleep naked

Is it good or bad to sleep naked?

We still have to look at it objectively~

Very well said, the following is a comment from the off-site doctor.

It seems that sleeping naked has both advantages and disadvantages

Whether you want to sleep naked or not depends on your own habits, not forced

It’s fine if you want to try it, but keep the following in mind:

1. Girls who are menstruating, people with bad stomachs, and young men with strong blood are not suitable for sleeping naked. You know the reason~

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene when sleeping naked

Have a bath before bed and change bedding frequently

Sun the quilt frequently to avoid skin infection

3. Be careful not to catch a cold

Have pajamas at the bedside for emergencies

Have you got the essentials of sleeping naked? Do you dare to let go of yourself tonight?

Contributing Author: Duan Guixiang | Attending Physician, Department of Dermatology, Beijing Huimin Hospital


Liu Xiaoyan|Chief Physician, Department of Dermatology, Children’s Hospital Affiliated to Capital Institute of Pediatrics

Qi Yanfang|Deputy Chief Physician, Department of Dermatology, Beijing Huimin Hospital


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