What benefits will women gain from wearing “silver bracelets” for a long time? Is it better to wear the left hand or the right hand?

Women throughout the ages have a soft spot for jewelry. With the development of the times, jewelry has undergone various changes, and the only constant is silver jewelry , Basically every woman likes to wear silver bracelets, whether it is a woman in the past or a woman now, eight out of ten will wear silver bracelets.

In ancient times, wearing gold and silver was also a status symbol, because silver jewelry is relatively cheaper than gold, so Many people will choose silver bracelets to wear. In modern times, the elders also like to send some jewelry to the younger generation and send them good wishes. Often wearing bracelets is good for women.


Women’s long-term wear” “Silver Bracelet”, what benefits will the body reap?

-promotes blood circulation

If you wear a silver bracelet every day, the friction between the bracelet and the wrist can promote the blood circulation here, because the wrist is the end of the blood circulation, which can easily lead to insufficient blood supply, which can promote this part. Improve blood circulation, resulting in sufficient blood supply to the hands, which can also prevent diseases and relieve cold hands and feet.


Silver has Bactericidal effect, general antibiotics can only affect six kinds of bacteria, and silver can eliminate many kinds of bacteria. Some people will change color when they wear silver jewelry, this is because everyone’s endocrine structure is different.

Some people have more acid in their sweat, some have lower acid, and some have higher ammonia , So wearing silverware will produce different results, acid is easy to turn black, acid-free is not easy to blacken, and even some people with strong oil secretion will wear silver jewelry brighter.

—Heart Care

Silver The bracelet has a certain weight, it will cause certain stimulation to the hand, can promote the blood circulation of the hand, and can play a role in promoting blood circulation.

Many women have cold hands all year round due to their poor constitution and poor blood circulation. Wearing silver bracelets for a long time can help you improve your cold hands. Wearing a silver bracelet can promote blood return, which is also good for heart health and has the effect of protecting the heart.

—Drug testing

Remember that in ancient times, the invention of silver was in foreign countries, and it was very rare at that time. If you have the existence of silver, it is definitely a symbol of status.

In addition, silver can also detect poisons. We often see some people on TV in order to check whether there are poisons in food. Usually, some silver needles or silver hairpins are used to identify them. If the silver needles are black and the silver hairpins are black, it means that the substance is poisonous.


Is it better to wear the left or right hand?

The older generation believes that the circulation law of the human body is “left in and right out”, and silver bracelets have the function of detoxification , so the silver bracelet is worn on the right hand, just has the effect of detoxification and beauty, so wearing it is good for health.

Secondly, there are several health-care acupoints on our right wrist. Regular massage can help relieve physical and mental stress and maintain good health. The silver bracelet is worn on the right hand. Daily shaking and friction of the wrist can massage the acupuncture points of the wrist, which has the effect of health care, so it is best to wear the bracelet on the left hand.

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There are so many benefits of silver bracelets, do you know how to choose?

1. Look at the purity

What everyone wants to buy is a sterling silver bracelet. The higher the purity, the better the flexibility and the easier it is to be oxidized. The international standard is: the silver content of 92.5% and above is pure silver. The 925 Galaxy 990 silver on the market is pure silver, and the latter has a higher purity.

2. Look at the color

A good silver bracelet must be white and bright. The higher the purity of the silver, the brighter the silver jewelry will be.

3, Watch craft

handmade Bracelets: hand-made bracelets by craftsmen with iron mills. The bracelets made by the ancients are all such bracelets. In addition, some modern hand-made bracelets are mostly bracelets made by traditional craftsmanship. Generally, the patterns are complicated, and the price is high and the mechanism bracelet.

The lines are shrunk by hand, and the quality of the fine flowers is guaranteed. This kind of thing cannot be shaped, nor can it be hydraulically pressed, and the mechanism bracelets are mostly It is pressed out by the hydraulic press, and then polished by the cloth wheel, and finally the electroplating is done.

4. Weighing

The quality of silver is heavier than that of copper and aluminum. You can try to measure the silver bracelet with your hand. If the size of the silver bracelet is relatively large, but the quality is lighter, it may be mixed with other impurities, not pure silver metal.