What are you doing at 9-10 pm? No wonder you are sick!

</60 There are twelve hours, and the health preservation methods of each hour are different. Among them, the health care of Hai Shi.

Hour: Hai Shi, from 21 to 23 o’clock in the evening. At this time, the night is dark, people have stopped moving, people are still, people are still, and the time is transcribed to the Sanjiao meridian to repair the human body. What is the Sanjiao meridian?

The triple burner must be unobstructed, otherwise it will lead to disease.

If a person sleeps at Hai Shi, the Baimai can recuperate and maintain the operation of the Sanjiao, which is very beneficial to the body . The reason why the water in the human body can be excreted normally is inseparable from the function of the Sanjiao.

The reality is that after 9:00 pm, many people may have just started their nightlife, and they have missed the opportunity for health care.

The following things should be avoided as much as possible, and then I will teach you a trick to beat the Sanjiao meridian, so as to relieve all qi and eliminate all diseases.

Doing these things at the time of the day can easily hurt your body


Playing on mobile phone

Nowadays, the mobile phone has become a “popular lover” that people cannot do without, and many people have a bed The habit of playing with mobile phones.

According to the survey, 9 o’clock in the evening is the most intensive stage for people to play with mobile phones, and playing mobile phones for a long time will undoubtedly pose a threat to the cervical spine and eyesight . At the same time, it will increase people’s sense of fatigue and make it difficult to concentrate on the next day.


Dining, singing

At this time, many people are still drinking with friends. Dinners are indeed indispensable for interpersonal communication, but eating after 9 pm will bring a heavy burden to the stomach and affect the quality of sleep in the future.

Singing aloud at night will definitely make one’s spirits excited, and going home in the middle of the night has long missed the protection of the Sanjiao JingNurture timing. Moreover, the air quality in the KTV is poor, and it is not good to stay for a long time.


Strong exercise< /strong>

Night running is becoming more and more popular, but please don’t do it after 9 o’clock, because if you exercise vigorously at this time, it will reduce the quality of sleep, and you will not be able to sleep at night.

In addition, the sun has set for a long time at this time, and plants can no longer carry out photosynthesis to release oxygen. Therefore, the air quality at this time is very poor.


Drink plenty of water


Some people want to drink water at night, but drinking a lot of water before going to bed will lead to nighttime and seriously affect the quality of sleep. Many people have the habit of drinking milk before going to bed, and it is best to drink it before 9 o’clock.

Hai Shi can raise Sanjiao like this

Three burners are divided into upper burner, middle burner and lower burner. At Hai, the Sanjiao can open up all the meridians. If you can’t fall asleep at Hai, you should also tap the Sanjiao meridian to help dredge the body and qi. Long-term adherence will definitely have a good effect. As the saying goes: beat the Sanjiao meridian, the Qi will be smooth and all diseases will be eliminated.

Knock on the Sanjiao Meridian, Qi Shun Bai disease disappears p>

< >Steps

Before going to bed, when tapping the Sanjiao meridian, sit or stand, right Extend the arm to the left, and the right hand is just up and down the left waist.

Then, start from the right shoulder with the palm of the left hand, and pat down along the walking line of the Sanjiao meridian on the outer side of the arm until it reaches the wrist.

After filming, use your index finger to rub the back of the wrist, that is, the Yangchi point in the small nest in the middle of the wrist crease, about It takes 3 minutes.

Because Yangchi acupoint is the original point of the Sanjiao meridian, rubbing it can lead qi and blood to the hands. In this way, the entire meridian can be unblocked.

It should be noted during the action that the speed of the tapping action should be moderate and a little forceful, so that the meridians inside can be vibrated. About 8 minutes per person.

After clearing the right meridian, use the same method to tap the left Sanjiao meridian. Then press and rub the Yangchi point for 3 minutes. By tapping the Sanjiao Jing, the Qi can be knocked out of the body.

Sanjiao is the main gas, it is not only the channel for the body’s vitality to run, but also the outlet for the exhaust gas in the body. Only when the Sanjiao Jing is opened, the function of the Sanjiao is powerful, the vitality can run smoothly, and the exhaust gas can be excreted in time. Then, the body will not have so many problems.


Keep calm

From the beginning of Hai Shi (21:00) to the beginning of Yin Shi (3:00), it is the time for human cells to recuperate and develop new ones. At this time, people should collect excitement and maintain a calm state of mind. Before going to bed, do not get angry, not ecstatic, not sad.


Drink less before bed Water

Qi blood flows to the Sanjiao meridian in Hai Shi, and the Sanjiao meridian is in charge of all qi in the human body and is the main channel for the blood and qi movement of the human body. The upper limbs and the kidneys that drain water belong to the category of the Sanjiao meridian.

At this time, yin is extremely strong, so keep the five internal organs quiet to facilitate sleep, drink less water before going to bed, especially those who are prone to edema Drink more water.


Sleep in time< /p>

Hai Shi Sanjiao can open all the meridians. If a person sleeps at the time of Hai, the hundred pulses will be recuperated, which is very beneficial to the body. It is best to fall asleep around 22:30.

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