What are emotions made of?

Everyone has different emotions, or because of beliefs, work, family, education, and status, etc., these differences and differences result in different final emotions. When emotions are different, our hearts and behaviors will be different, and in the end, our performance will be different in life, causing different reactions, which in turn will affect our own emotions.

So emotion is very important to us, but what does emotion consist of? Let’s talk about the meaning of emotion first. The meaning of emotion is: people’s attitude and experience about whether objective things meet their needs. The feeling of emotion is also a complex and stable physiological evaluation and experience of human attitude.

Emotion itself is actually a part of attitude, and it is in harmony with the introverted feeling and intention in the attitude. Emotions include two aspects of moral sense and sense of value, which are embodied in love, happiness, hatred, disgust, and beauty.

Then emotion means the feeling of morality and value, and emotion refers to the attitude experience of social needs and desires. That is to say, in order to make one’s emotions rich and noble, to improve one’s own material, and to produce a good sense of morality, both are indispensable.

Emotion: The feeling produced by the interaction between life phenomena and the human heart. Then life should not be too bad. This is very objective. It must be justified in life, and the quality of life must be very high.

The objective fact of life is that if we want to make achievements in this aspect, we must have no worries about food and clothing, and be rich in material things. Only when we are rich in material things can we increase our sense of morality. Of course, this refers to a sense of morality, as well as a sense of value. With material abundance, it is natural to be able to distinguish between good and bad in terms of value. The so-called well-informed refers to this. People who have abundant material have a special sense of value. Of course, people who have everything can say more good and bad, because they themselves have more abundant material than others, and it is easy to see good and bad.

Therefore, we have to make good money and not lose to others. Only with more money and material wealth, the sense of superiority will come, and the sense of morality will follow. With a sense of morality, our sense of value also feels very good, because the sense of value is about preciousness and contempt. To be the most noble person, to make the most money. So, let’s make good money, and only then will we have a more moral sense and a sense of value, both of which will be more perfect and richer.