Weird medical unsolved case: Cervical cancer patients with advanced stage stink, smother 23 doctors and nurses one after another

When watching movies, we often see episodes where the actors are stunned by stinky farts.

Maybe you will find it funny after seeing this, but this kind of thing may happen in reality .

Today, I will tell you about a medical unsolved case called “the most bizarre in the 20th century”. The patient, known as the “most poisonous female patient in history”, stunned 23 medical staff in succession.

Strange unsolved case: 23 medical staff of cervical cancer patients were poisoned

Gloria is a housewife from California, USA. She was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer in 1994 and has been in While undergoing chemotherapy at home, one day she suddenly felt rapid heartbeat, decreased blood pressure, and shortness of breath and was taken to the hospital.

But unexpectedly, Gloria would become “the most poisonous patient in history.”

The doctor noticed that her blood pressure dropped rapidly and entered a tachyarrhythmia state. To calm her down, The doctor immediately injected a large amount of drugs into her body, but instead of getting better, Gloria’s heart beat faster, so the doctor decided to perform emergency defibrillation on her.

During the rescue process, doctors were surprised to find that Ramirez’s body began to seep oil, followed by bursts of rotten fruit. The stench of various mixtures of garlic and rotten meat continued to emanate from Gloria’s mouth and genitals, making people feel sick.

Although the stench is disgusting and unpleasant, at this critical juncture of racing against time and death, doctors and nurses They have no time to worry so much, and they all play the professional spirit of doctors and continue to rescue them despite the stench.

A few minutes later, three people fainted in a row, and Dr. Julie felt dizzy, even so, The hospital’s rescue of Gloria did not stop. After 45 minutes of rescue, Gloria passed away unfortunately, and her body was put into an aluminum coffin and sealed for preservation.

But strange things continued to happen, and the nurse in charge of handling the corpse also fainted. 23 of Lia’s 37 emergency department staff experienced temporary paralysis, nausea and vomiting, and skin irritation.

This bizarre medical staff fainting incident was finally identified as mass hysteria, but this conclusion does not allow Everyone is convinced that hysteria is prone to occur in people with high pressure and poor psychological quality, while medical staff generally have higher psychological quality.

In addition, hysteria cannot explain the vomiting, difficulty breathing and other symptoms of some medical staff before fainting. The reason for the infection of hepatitis and other diseases after that, this incident has become an unsolved mystery.

What are the symptoms of cervical cancer?

Symptom One: Pain

With the extension of tumor cells, it invades the pelvic wall and compresses peripheral nerves. The clinical manifestations are persistent sciatic nerve or one sacral and iliac region. pain.

The tumor compresses or erodes the ureter, and the duct is narrowed and blocked, resulting in hydronephrosis, which manifests as side pain, or even severe pain, and further develops into renal failure, which makes uremia even worse. symptom.

Symptom 2: Abnormal leucorrhea p>

If the patient has cervical mucus, the cancer will also secrete a lot of mucus, so the patient will discharge a lot of water in the private parts during the development of the disease , mucus-like liquid.

But other types of cancer are not the same, they do not affect secretions in the initial stage, patients The discharge is white or yellowish and has no odor.

Symptom Three: Bleeding

In the early stage of cervical cancer, there will be bleeding symptoms in the private parts, mostly contact bleeding, and irregular vaginal bleeding is prone to occur in the middle and late stages. If the lesion in the cervical area expands, the amount of bleeding will also increase at this time. If there is invasion of the blood vessels in the interstitium, the situation will be different at this time.

In addition, if cervical cancer invades large blood vessels during the development process, it is easy to cause massive bleeding symptoms.

Symptom Four: Late Symptoms p>

Different secondary symptoms appear according to the extent of the cancer. Such as frequent urination, urgency, constipation, lower extremity swelling and pain, etc.; when the cancer compresses or involves the ureter, it can cause ureteral obstruction, hydronephrosis and uremia; in the advanced stage, there may be symptoms of systemic failure such as anemia and cachexia.

Remind the majority of female friends that regardless of whether they are vaccinated against HPV, female friends need to regularly screen for cervical lesions , to prevent the occurrence of diseases, and at the same time, it is necessary to pay special attention to hygiene and dietary habits, and strengthen self-education and hygiene knowledge.