“Wealth Comes From Positioning” Section 3 Business Management Thinking Positioning: (4) Thinking of being taken advantage of

Do some bosses have such troubles that they think they are good to the employees below, why do they still have to leave the company at a critical moment? Why do you choose a competitor company when you think you’re good for your customers?

Are there any “employees” who are always “loyal” to a company in this world? Are there “customers” who are forever “loyal” to a company? In fact, loyalty or not mainly depends on the enterprise itself. Why do you say that?

There are only three reasons for employees to work in the company: salary retention, career retention, and emotional retention. In fact, no matter what kind of reason, to sum up, it is to “account for You are cheap.”

So, the reason why employees leave the company is because the “benefits” you give are not enough; the reason why customers choose other companies is because the “benefits” you give are not enough. Employees follow you because of “fame and fortune”; customers follow you because of “high quality and low price”. Understand this truth, the boss is no longer arrogant, and the company also recognizes the situation.

Employees and customers will say a lot of high-sounding words before leaving the company, which is actually to give you face, and do not want to expose how bad the management of the company is under your leadership. If the boss is still expecting employees and customers to be “thankful”, it only means that the boss has not “grown up”.

Well, the series of articles on “Management Thinking Positioning” in Section 3 of “Wealth Comes from Positioning” will be shared here today. Follow me, your entrepreneurship is no longer confused. Please see Section 4: Corporate Culture Positioning