“Wealth Comes From Positioning” Section 3 Business Management Thinking Positioning: (3) Speed ​​Thinking

Many companies want to do management, but always feel that the time is not ripe, the conditions are not ripe, there is too much hesitation and evaluation, and the “speed advantage” is lost. You should never say “no” to something that hasn’t happened, even if it’s something you’ve done and failed, but with time, place, people, and environmental factors, there may be a chance of success.

“Do it and see” is always a hundred times more important than “think about it”. In management, if you can’t do 100, you can do 1. “Accumulate small wins for big wins”, even if it is a negative number, you can at least gain experience and lessons, but you must not stand still, otherwise, success will always be a “game” for a few people.

In the process of management, mistakes are inevitable. For an enterprise, mistakes are as inevitable as diseases are for the body. Mistakes are not rubbish, but experience, experience and negative teaching. Enterprises should not be afraid of mistakes, because in the face of mistakes, face is worthless. It is necessary to face mistakes and correct them quickly so that the same mistakes will not be made again in the future.

The best way to increase speed is to “take shortcuts”. In the past, there was a misunderstanding of “taking shortcuts”, thinking that “taking shortcuts” was to take a sloping road, a short circuit, and opportunism. Chairman Mao once said: The shortcut is not the shortest road, but the road of least resistance, so the Long March cannot be said to be short, but it is definitely the road of least resistance.

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