We need outdoor activities, and ordinary I need simple camping at a low cost

Author: Yu Xixi

Why is it necessary

Why is outdoor camping necessary? A brief summary is the following points, if you meet one point, you can explain the need.

  1. With the improvement of urbanization, all we see are steel jungles, far away from nature, looking for a place with water, grass and trees. The place of the scenery, change the living environment, although it is short-lived, it can give us a different enjoyment.

  2. After the outbreak of the epidemic, we cannot travel far and stay at home for a long time.

  3. For urban families with children, to a large extent the house is the children’s activity area, and they play all kinds of electronic products at home, which is not good for the eyes. In fact, the world is so big and the motherland is so beautiful. It is impossible to go far away, but to go out for a stroll near it, it is absolutely possible to let the children run freely.

  4. Alone, find a comfortable and comfortable natural place, set up a tent, shelter from the wind and rain, undisturbed, enjoy the comfortable tranquility, watch the sunrise and sunset, Listen to the wind and watch the rain. 

How to prepare

If you need it, It is necessary to meet the needs and implement it. Do the relevant preparations. Before preparing, we need to clarify the following questions.

  1. It is a senior outdoor activity, such as hiking needs equipment, or just play casually on a lawn around the community.

  2. Is it an occasional impulse, or I want to develop this into a fixed hobby and go out regularly every time;

  3. < p> Do you have the energy and enjoyment to store a large amount of outdoor equipment and clean it up? After all, playing is a temporary pleasure, and storage is life-threatening.

If you want to develop as a senior, want to develop into a hobby, want to go out regularly, and are willing to store, then buy a variety of professional outdoor brands and try your best to buy big ones Expensive brands.

On the contrary, ordinary groups just want to bring their family members, invite friends, have outdoor barbecues, picnics and other activities when the weather is good during the holidays, maybe once or twice a year, and focus on parent-child entertainment and getting along with friends. host. In this case, considering the frequency of use of the equipment and the investment situation, just buy it casually, and replace the existing one at home.

What preparations have been made

According to the above requirements and how to prepare, it can be clearly judged that I am a so-called ordinary group, and I go occasionally, in short, the weather is good , Find a place with grass, water, and scenery, and play. Don’t need to spend too much of the kind, after all eat ash warning. To put it simply, I don’t want to compare equipment, refuse exquisite camping, and return to the original intention. This is what I need. What have I prepared for this.

Sky Curtain

What is the Sky Curtain? At first, I was confused, a black question mark. After looking at the tweets of various platforms, I realized that it was used to block the sun in the past. Of course, this is very simple, and the insulation effect is not good.

With the increase in the number of outdoor games, the equipment is constantly being upgraded. The shape of the canopy is divided into hexagon, rectangle, butterfly, black glue, silver coating, and size, all of which are a process of continuous learning. Since there is no overnight stay, there is no tent, and the sky is the only shade other than trees.

The experience I got is to go out and play by chance, buy a brand that is cheap while the event is active, and try to buy a big one. Buy small. There is no need to think about waterproofing, because I always read the weather forecast, and the weather is good to go out to play.


When you go out to play, you can’t stand to relax, and you can’t sit on the ground casually. All kinds of chairs are being bought. Plastic stool. Cheap is cheap, but outdoor use is for relaxation, and the stool has a poor experience and takes up space. Bought a few on a lot of platforms.

These are the two I use now. I personally prefer the first one because I can lie down. The second one is light, firm and easy to carry. The main reason is that the price of the two is not expensive, as long as a few dozen yuan, it can also be used at home every day. 

floor mats

It is impossible to go out without a floor mat, which can be used to place food. For ordinary outdoor enthusiasts like me, I will definitely not bring food that needs to be processed. It is all kinds of cooked food. It is very convenient to put it on the top when eating. , After eating, it can be used to lie down, and it can be used as a pad.

The choice of floor mat can be the ordinary moisture-proof mat, the baby’s crawling mat, or the ordinary carpet mat I bought for tens of dollars. SpecializeLook at the door, but you need to pay attention to the carpet pad, it is not easy to wash when it is dirty. This is what I currently use, but it is not suitable for use on wet ground.

Outdoor power supply

The more people, the more electronic devices, the more electricity is consumed. The daily mobile power supply can no longer meet the needs. At this time, outdoor mobile power supply is needed to solve the problem. So what is an outdoor mobile power supply, simply speaking, it is a larger power bank, which can store more power and meet the needs of more devices. 

  1. The type and quantity of output ports, the more guaranteed The more types of devices that can be supported, the greater the number.

  2. Battery capacity, which is the most critical, can guarantee your use time and battery life. Either way, the trunk is lost.

  3. Power represents which devices can be driven. From the primary mobile phone, notebook, drone charging, and even the use of rice cookers and kettles.

Speaking of this, we have a general understanding of outdoor mobile power supplies. We should choose products with large battery capacity, high power and many interfaces. However, we have a problem that cannot be ignored is the price, that is, the cost. Those that meet the above requirements are expensive. For ordinary people, it may be used once or twice a year, and it is not cost-effective to eat ashes.

I learned about the outdoor power bank rental business by chance, and I was shocked at that time. This thing is still available for lease. Since then, I have a better choice. I just rent one when I go out. You can find it by searching Pinsheng Power Bank through Alipay, mainly for local leasing, and can support express mailing.

The process of renting an outdoor power supply is much simpler than I thought. When placing an order with Alipay, you can choose self-pickup and express delivery. . I chose to pick it up by myself. There is no cumbersome process. According to the extraction code given on the mobile phone, I can go by myself, or take a screenshot for my friends to pick it up, which is very convenient. The outdoor power supply is fully charged, and a 19V4A charger is attached. For this reason, I tested it specially. It takes about 14 hours to fully charge it, but this is not a problem. It can be charged the day before departure.

There is a 65w interface that supports pd protocol on the front. Three USB ports. Three 5-hole sockets with a total of 1000W, and a 120W cigarette lighter interface with the same power as the car cigarette lighter, and two 12V DC ports. There is 1 kWh of electricity stored in it, which is equivalent to one hour of continuous use if it is a 1kw load. If it is a 100w load, it can be used continuously for ten hours.

Related electronic equipment

With a one-degree power base, the outdoor playability is improved, and the enrichment of outdoor activities is increased.

You can bring a projector and have the opportunity to show a movie.

You can bring speakers, no need to consider whether to bring your own battery, because we have outdoor power supply, we only need to roar as much as you want, or listen to the sounds of nature quietly. I opted for the classic goodies I bought earlier.

You can use electric mosquito coils. If you go out to play in summer, there may be mosquitoes. Bring electric mosquito coils to get rid of mosquito troubles.

You can bring a small fan, which can be used if the temperature is slightly higher in the afternoon.

Camper vans

This is a very hot thing, especially these two years. Why is it so hot, because as long as you can put it at home, you can buy one and use it. 

  1. The reason for the epidemic, stock up artifacts, be someone else With all your effort to carry two bags, your hands are red, you can drag it away leisurely, so it’s worth buying.

  2. 618, all kinds of shopping for Double 11, I have the experience of borrowing a cart from Cainiao Station, or running back and forth a few times by myself, this time you need it.

  3. When you move, all kinds of clutter pile up, you should have one.

  4. Going out to play, there are many kinds of things, you need a camper, a car can carry all the things, do a good job of parking to the last distance of rooting camping transportation.

The main thing is to buy good storage, off-road tires, I regret buying this kind of narrow tires, some places are difficult, some places are easy to sag, recommended to buy Below this.


The most important thing when going out is to be happy. There are not too many requirements. The main thing is to be happy. What I most envy is the outdoor camping method of my parents and relatives in my hometown. The equipment is all floating clouds, the most important thing is that everyone can play to the best of their ability and have fun. The picture below is a photo of the group activities of the family in my hometown. Every time they play, they make us office workers in big cities, envious and jealous.