Wang Jianlin, who came out of the circle with a small goal of 100 million, how did he achieve his first goal?

Speaking of Wanda Group, I believe everyone is already familiar with it, and its leader, Wang Jianlin, I believe everyone must be familiar with it. Because the sentence of a small goal of 100 million quickly “out of the circle”, then, in addition to the labels of him being the richest man and the richest, in fact, the story behind him can inspire us even more, how his initial small goal was achieved Woolen cloth?

In 1988, Wang Jianlin resigned from his job as a civil servant, and responded to the call of the times and entered the tide of entrepreneurship middle. At that time, Xigang District Residential Development Company, a subsidiary of Xigang District, Dalian City, was on the verge of bankruptcy. No one was willing to accept such a mess, but Wang Jianlin stood up and offered the position of general manager, so he went to work every day in this old building. In the office where the first thing to do is to splash water on the ground to cool down, Wang Jianlin started his real estate journey.

Compared with the old office environment, what Wang Jianlin has to deal with is even more troublesome. The company that is about to go bankrupt has no funds and no projects, so The first thing he has to solve is the financial problem. Wang Jianlin found a state-owned company and successfully borrowed 500,000 yuan with an interest rate as high as 25% per month.

Nevertheless, Wang Jianlin fell into the dilemma of having no projects for more than half a year. He had no choice but to go to the city planning bureau every day to squat, and if he squatted for a whole day, if there was no project for a day, he would not give up to “annoy” the city leaders. Later, the city leaders finally couldn’t be bothered anymore, so they gave Wang Jianlin a project that was not considered a fat poor, and then renovated an old community. At that time, there were not many people in the company who supported Wang Jianlin. After all, the cost of the renovation of this project was 1,200 yuan per square meter, which was close to the housing price of the best location at that time.

Faced with the high cost of renovation, Wang Jianlin thinks that since the cost is still so high, he needs to work hard. He started his first foray into the real estate industry. In order to increase the housing price, the old house was innovatively transformed into an independent bathroom, and new metal doors and windows were replaced. After a series of polishing, the old community took on a new look. Finally, it was sold out at the price of 1,580 yuan per square meter. The first in Wang Jianlin’s life Ten million were born.

In those days, 10 million was already a huge sum of money out of reach, and it is not an exaggeration to compare it to the current 100 million. In this way, Wang Jianlin’s first small goal in life was achieved, and it only took more than a year. This is Wang Jianlin’s entrepreneurial story. What inspiration can you draw from it? I believe you will gain something.